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How Palo Alto Networks supports the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Since the release of the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), organizations worldwide have implemented the framework to better understand and manage cyber risk. 

The CSF can be applied to businesses of all sizes, across regions and industries, and is being incorporated into national risk frameworks around the globe. Given its proven ability to aid in risk management and reduction, some industries have even begun to mandate its implementation. The White House issued an executive order requiring all federal agencies to immediately begin using the CSF to assess and manage cyber risk to protect critical infrastructure in their enterprises. To stay current with evolving threats and risk mitigation strategies an updated framework, CSF version 1.1 was released in April 2018.

Palo Alto Networks aligns with the CSF’s primary directive of enabling critical infrastructure operations to effectively identify, manage and reduce cyber risk. Palo Alto Networks is natively integrated to counter cyberattacks before they manifest in an organization’s environment. With full visibility into traffic – across the network, endpoints and the cloud – organizations can prevent cyberattacks regardless of how or where applications and data reside or are being used. This allows critical infrastructure organizations to identify the most serious ongoing threats to key business operations and reduce overall cybersecurity risk. 

Download this white paper to explore the benefits of the CSF and how Palo Alto Networks capabilities map to and fulfill CSF subcategories.