IT security and network teams at financial institutions around the world must address demands to rapidly adopt new technology, protect intellectual property, secure a myriad of commercial and custom applications and comply with regulations. While doing all of this, they must also securely enable access to personal and corporate financial data from a variety of access points - retail bank branches, campus sites, mobile devices, ATM networks, and third-party business partner networks despite an increasing volume and sophistication of threats and cyberattacks. The Security Reference Blueprint for Financial Services empowers institutions to address all of these concerns, augment the security of their existing infrastructure, enable new applications, provide secure access to data, and prevent advanced threats without disrupting vital business operations.

By leveraging different components of the security operating platform, financial institutions will improve their cybersecurity posture throughout their network, endpoint, and cloud environments.

  • Implement network segmentation as a means to realize a Zero Trust network strategy using next-generation firewalls as the segmentation gateways.
  • Address new, unknown malware and threats with machine learning, static and dynamic analysis (sandboxing).
  • Prevent data breaches by blocking credential theft, the latest exploits, malware and ransomware attacks before they penetrate a financial institution’s network or compromise unsuspecting endpoints.
  • Grant the right people appropriate access to the right resources, providing another level of security beyond usernames and passwords.
  • Secure your private cloud, and Iaas or PaaS in the public cloud and multi-cloud environments too.
  • Safely enable SaaS applications, control their use, and monitor access to data stored in the cloud.
  • Secure mobile devices inside or outside the firewall.
  • Simplify security management with a single pane of glass for network, endpoint, and cloud environments.

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