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The Evolution of Cloud Access Security Brokers

In the years since the cloud access security broker (CASB) was first introduced, enterprise SaaS usage has risen dramatically. Most organizations now rely on the cloud for core business applications housing sensitive corporate data. This usage, coupled with the massive scale of smaller, potentially unsanctioned cloud applications, has made the CASB a critical component of enterprise security strategies. Yet the decoupled, layered-on nature with which most organizations approached CASB initially now creates  more problems than it solves. CASBs can provide broad functionality but require different deployment models to address different use cases. Organizations need to have visibility into all application usage, as well as inline threat prevention, access control, and policy enforcement across all users, regardless of device or location.

Palo Alto Networks’ SaaS Security represents an updated approach to CASB, designed to align with these changing enterprise needs. Through integrations with Palo Alto’s cloud, software, and appliance-based next-generation firewalls and its cloud-delivered enterprise DLP, SaaS Security provides a simpler and more cost-effective approach to CASB, while maintaining the broad application visibility and accurate threat and content inspection organizations require to secure the usage of cloud applications.