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White Paper

The Role of a Modern Enterprise DLP Solution in Facilitating GDPR Compliance

GDPR undoubtedly provides the impetus organizations need to improve how personal data or PII is kept both private and secure. But for many enterprises, implementing a structured data protection framework is challenging given the variety of sensitive PII information associated with individuals—and the growing number of locations from where this information flows. An increasing reliance on cloud computing and remote working further complicates the problem. Ensuring GDPR compliance demands more than a piecemeal approach to data loss prevention (DLP). It requires a comprehensive and consolidated data security strategy—one that lets you easily navigate through the full ambit of data protection obstacles. The white paper will help you understand: why navigating the current data landscape makes GDPR compliance difficult to ensure, three areas every CISO must be cognizant of to build a GDPR-compliant data protection framework, and how a modern Enterprise DLP solution establishes GDPR compliance with a wall-to-wall approach to data security and privacy. Get your copy today to learn how you can take advantage of a modern enterprise DLP solution to protect the personal data of your EU customers in compliance with GDPR.