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Securing SAP ERP Workloads in the Cloud

As cloud services continue to revolutionize business and expand the enterprise ecosystem, the threats to business operations have become increasingly complex. In the first half of 2021, critical industries suffered a spike in security incidents. According to Unit42, the research group of Palo Alto Networks; retail, manufacturing, and government agencies saw an increase of security incidents by 402%, 230%, and 205%, respectively. Organizations embarking on cloud transformations will need to confront challenges around exponential increases in data volume, the corresponding limited visibility and controls, and an expanded attack surface. Cyber should be considered a core component of an SAP on Google Cloud migration and an essential value driver that gives organizations the confidence to change at the speed of the business, while taking steps to put the appropriate controls and guardrails in place. Additionally, organizations should determine if they have the correct cybersecurity talent to support the move, and define appropriate solutions that balance security while supporting consistent business operations.