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Get more info about Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform
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Mitigating Risk In Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform Supports Use of ASD Top 37 STRATEGIES TO MITIGATE CYBERSECURITY INCIDENTS
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Look What's Riding your Network

A Deeper Look at Growing Threats to Mobile Networks and Subscribers
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Palo Alto Networks and VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Eliminate backhaul and deliver both assurance and security for enterprise and cloud applications over internet and hybrid-WAN
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Cybersecurity for Airline IT Networks and Systems

Sign up for a free Security Lifecycle Review. This non-disruptive process will help discover unknown applications, threats and bandwidth usage on your network, and define top risks.
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Securing SAP Deployments on Azure

The benefits of Azure and the public cloud are well-known, so too are the challenges of protecting your SAP deployment from threats and data loss, potentially slowing cloud adoption. This whitepaper provides an overview of how the VM-Series can be used to mitigate those security challenges for your SAP deployments on Azure.
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Security Operating Platform for Financial Services (2018)

Thousands of banks, institutional investors, asset managers, mutual funds, broker-dealers and other financial institutions across the globe prevent successful cyberattacks with the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. Palo Alto Networks is uniquely qualified to protect financial transactions, customer data, and support regulatory compliance by providing advanced security prevention capabilities in one security platform. Automation and tight integration between components of the platform prevent successful cyberattacks. By eliminating routine tasks, security personnel may then focus on what matters. The extensibility of the platform allows financial institutions to consume security innovations quickly whether they are provided by Palo Alto Networks, third-parties, or even home-grown. Download the whitepaper to learn how the Security Operating Platform provides layered protection across a financial institution’s network, endpoints, and cloud environments. Read about several popular use cases for the financial sector including network perimeter protection, network segmentation, security for cloud computing initiatives, protection of even difficult or impossible to patch endpoints, and as well securing both corporate and unmanaged mobile devices.
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Network Based Security for the IoT Value Chain

Read how Read how Palo Alto Networks protects service provider networks, IoT systems, and interconnected networks while providing new revenue opportunities to operators.
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Build Consistent Security Throughout NFV Evolution

Download the use case for more information on NFV
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12 Best Practices to Make Your AWS Configuration More Secure

Amazon® Web Services has been an advocate for strong cloud security since it launched in 2006. AWS® and its customers employ a shared responsibility model that distributes security roles between the provider and customer. As a public cloud vendor, AWS owns the infrastructure, physical network and hypervisor. The enterprise owns the workload operating system, apps, virtual network, access to their tenant environment/account and the data.
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Evident at Work: Continuous Security & Compliance in the Cloud

Evident from Palo Alto Networks® works with InfoSec and DevOps professionals of all levels, across every industry, to make cloud infrastructure security and compliance easier. Every organization struggles with the challenges of cloud security, such as threat detection, misconfiguration management, risk remediation and compliance with industry standards.
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The Six Essentials for DevOps Excellence

Moving at the speed of DevOps and digital transformation raises the concern that costly mistakes might happen. The worry is that as processes are trimmed or skipped, and decisions are done rapidly and in an environment that embraces agility, compromises and security gaffes will be made. Unfortunately, this is what appears to be happening in many organizations: a recent report from HPE concluded that while DevOps teams and automation should improve application security over time, most organizations are not currently paying enough attention to security.
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Enhance your Windows 10 desktop security with Palo Alto Networks Advanced Endpoint Protection

The limitations of the built-in security features leave systems still highly vulnerable to advanced and unknown threats, also known as zero-day threats. To protect these systems and to fully protect your Windows 10 machines you need to augment the inbuilt security with security tools that can protect against attacks like exploits and ransomware.
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Cybersecurity for Retail Platform Brief

In a competitive and rapidly changing industry that’s continually targeted by cyberthreats, creating a secure digital foundation is critical to success. Read this platform brief for a concise summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps retailers secure customer data while thwarting cyberattacks, streamlining security operations, and granting appropriate network access to employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
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Guide to Securing Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise

This paper describes how the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating platform secures your data in Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud applications.
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Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Platform Brief

Overview of how oil and gas companies can secure network, endpoint, and cloud environments with the Security Operating Platform
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Whitepaper - Cybersecurity Reference Blueprint for BMS/BAS

This white paper presents a cybersecurity reference blueprint for Building Management/Automations Systems (BMS/BAS)
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How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

This paper highlights an innovative security approach that eliminates the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches, while enabling organizations to achieve consistent and frictionless cloud protections for multi-cloud environments.
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Cybersecurity for Local Governments

Overview of how municipal and county governments can secure network, endpoint, and cloud environments with the Security Operating Platform
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Cybersecurity for K-12 Districts and Schools Platform Brief

Overview of how K-12 schools can secure network, endpoint, and cloud environments with the Security Operating Platform
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Palo Alto Networks Traps - a Key Tool for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new data protection regulation from the European Union. GDPR aims to improve controls for protecting the personal information of EU residents.
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Cybersecurity for Higher Education Platform Brief

Read this brief to discover how Palo Alto Networks meets the security needs of higher education institutions by automatically preventing cyberthreats across cloud, network and endpoint devices at network speeds, as well as keeping sensitive data safe by administering granular security policies based on users, applications and content.
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Platform Brief for Manufacturing (2018)

Manufacturers are employing the industrial internet of things and other innovative technologies to produce quality goods efficiently. Read this platform brief for a summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps manufacturers compete in the global marketplace while streamlining security operations, protecting valuable data, and preventing new and known threats from impacting operations or uptime of corporate and ICS/SCADA networks.
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VM-Series for Citrix SDX

Business productivity hinges on providing the right users secure access to the right applications when using any device and from with any location.
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Onboarding Guide GlobalProtect Cloud Service For Remote Networks

GlobalProtect™ cloud service extends Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform to your remote networks and mobile users. It operationalizes next-generation security deployment to these through a cloud-based security infrastructure managed by Palo Alto Networks. Based on our Next-Generation Security Platform, you administrate GlobalProtect cloud service with Panorama™ network security management, allowing you to create and deploy consistent security policies across your entire organization.
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Stop Targeted Attacks Without Decrypting Traffic

Stop Targeted Attacks Without Decrypting Traffic
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2018 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection Report

Palo Alto Networks advanced endpoint protect Traps achieved the rating of “Recommend” in the 2018 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test. This test aims to determine how effectively the AEP product can protect against a threat, regardless of the infection vector or method of obfuscation. The AEP test evaluated several vendors ability to detect, prevent, continuously monitor and take action against malware, exploits, evasions and blended threats.
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Security Operating Platform At A Glance

With a prevention-first architecture based on Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, you can safely enable your organization’s critical operations.
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Next-Generation Security Platform on VMware NSX Reference Architecture

This architecture document provides implementation guidelines for deploying Palo Alto Networks® virtualized VM-series next generation firewalls within VMware NSX powered software-defined data center.
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