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White Paper

Security Reference Blueprint for K-12 Education IT

This reference blueprint suggests ways K-12 institutions can reduce cyber risks and protect operations, data and students with a consistent and coordinated approach to cybersecurity.

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St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College Uses Threat Intelligence and Automation to Secure Resources Across Network, Endpoint, and Cloud Environments

White Paper

Security Reference Blueprint for Higher Education

The Security Reference Blueprint for Higher Education outlines security principles and a framework using the preventative capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform. Using this blueprint enables education security and IT professionals to protect PII and IP data, maintain a high-performance, high-availability learning environment, and prepare to meet new and emerging technological challenges while reducing security threats.

Use Case

Government use case: Maintain the integrity of election systems

Enable citizens to exercise their right to vote, preserve trust in the process, and meet recommendations and regulations for securing the vote.


Chronicles Higher Ed Case Study: Collaborations in Cybersecurity

Colleges are perfect targets for cybercrime as few institutions have the resources – technological, financial or human – to fully protect themselves from cyberthieves. With an evolving threat landscape, it’s critical for institutions to drive collaboration in cybersecurity and share best practices.


BeyondCorp: A Step Towards Zero Trust for the Cloud

This eBook looks at BeyondCorp, how it works, its key principles, and how it applies towards implementing a comprehensive Zero Trust approach in the cloud.


Securing Branch Offices with Prisma

Learn how Prisma can help secure your branch offices through cloud-delivered security in this short video.


Exceed CIPA Compliance with Palo Alto Networks

A concise summary of how Palo Alto Networks helps K-12 schools achieve CIPA compliance


How The Next-Generation Security Platform Contributes to GDPR Compliance

Cybersecurity is an essential investment to protect personal data and comply with the GDPR. The vast majority of GDPR requirements center around data management, namely data collecting and processing.

White Paper

Palo Alto Networks and the E-Rate Program

An overview of Palo Alto Networks E-rate eligible products and services, and the advantages they provide for K-12 schools

White Paper

Use Case: Consolidate Network Security, Reduce Costs and Complexity

Businesses embrace digital technologies that modernize their operations and enable innovation. Yet these same technologies introduce new security vulnerabilities and new data that must be secured. The result is a costly cybersecurity arms race, in which businesses introduce new security products to counter new attack vectors. Individually-managed or standalone security products add complexity, reduce visibility, and strain under-resourced security teams.

References and Case Studies

The Weitz Company

Leading Commercial Contractor Delivers Consistent Network and Endpoint Security Across Data Center, Branches and Modular Jobsite Mini-Clouds


Temple University

Temple University was founded in 1884 and is a R1 research institution with over 39,000 students. On a normal day Temple University has over 75,000 devices connected to their network. As a higher-ed institution, Temple needs to operate using an open network environment while protecting and securing their student’s data and research information. Temple University moved from their existing solution to the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. A Palo Alto Networks Service Account Manager worked directly with the Temple team to ensure that the implementation went quick and smooth without any issues. Since implementing the Palo Alto Networks platform, Temple has experienced better stability and have been able to focus on securing their network versus continually maintaining their firewalls.

White Paper

Use Case: Protect Endpoints in K-12

Real-world example and explanation of how a K-12 school district secures their endpoints with Palo Alto Networks.

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North-West University

Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform with high-capacity Next-Generation Firewalls deployed in a high-availability configuration, enabled with threat prevention and integrated cloud-based threat analysis

Research Reports

Handbook: How to Create a Modern Ransomware Strategy

Read this handbook to gain insight and best practices from your peers and industry experts on creating a modern ransomware strategy.

References and Case Studies

Seymour Public Schools

Seymour Public Schools was looking to replace their legacy Cisco firewalls, they checked the vulnerability of their existing system using a Security Lifecycle Review. The SLR report showed that more than 43,000 vulnerabilities were slipping past the legacy firewall. Because of this discovery they purchased the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.


University of San Francisco

Tim Ip of USF talks about the power of using Palo Alto Networks and Splunk in the university’s security environment.


Securing SSL in Education

Selectively decrypt TLS/SSL traffic to maintain network security and stop malware

References and Case Studies


Ireland’s National Education & Research Network protects more than a million students and teachers from cyberthreats with the Security Operating Platform.

References and Case Studies

Aspire Public School

Innovative charter school management organization secures their digital education environment by replacing its legacy firewalls

White Paper

Guide to Securing Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise

This paper describes how the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating platform secures your data in Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud applications.

White Paper

How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

This paper highlights an innovative security approach that eliminates the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches, while enabling organizations to achieve consistent and frictionless cloud protections for multi-cloud environments.

White Paper

Cybersecurity for K-12 Districts and Schools Platform Brief

Overview of how K-12 schools can secure network, endpoint, and cloud environments with the Security Operating Platform

White Paper

Cybersecurity for Higher Education Platform Brief

Read this brief to discover how Palo Alto Networks meets the security needs of higher education institutions by automatically preventing cyberthreats across cloud, network and endpoint devices at network speeds, as well as keeping sensitive data safe by administering granular security policies based on users, applications and content.


Why Certication From Palo Alto Networks Matters

Learn how certification from the fastest growing security company in the industry can benefit you.


Securing K-12 modern learning environments using E-rate funding

Protecting student and district data, privacy, and safety with their limited IT resources is a tall order for K-12 institutions.

White Paper

USE CASE: Grow and Maintain Cyber Skills With a Cyber Range

Repurpose existing talent, grow, test and maintain cyber skills with a Cyber Range using Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security platform for your Blue team.

References and Case Studies

National Taipei University of Technology

NTUT chose two PA-7000 Series with more than two expansion card versions, working in tandem with two existing PA-5050 systems to provide optimal security, scalability, and performance.

White Paper

K-12 Use Case: Decrypt SSL/TLS/SSH Traffic to Maintain Safe Learning Environments

Real-world example and explanation of how a K-12 school district simplifies operations while gaining visibility into encrypted traffic
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