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Hong Kong democracy activists targeted by Poison Ivy variant

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong are being targeted by a new variant of Poison Ivy, a malware package that previously hadn't seen an update in six or seven years.

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Google and Yahoo Domains are Untrusted with SSL Decryption and FIPS Mode Enabled

Symptom   When browsing to Google or Yahoo sites with SSL decryption and FIPS mode enabled, the firewall presents the Forward Untrust Certificate to the client.     Explanation   Both Google and Yahoo present root certificates with 1024 bit keys in their certificate chains. Since 2010, certificates with 1024 bit keys

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Aggregate routes seen as 'suppressed specific' in BGP RIB Out

Symptoms BGP Local RIB on peer does not show aggreagted routes, instead it shows the contributing routes as advertised.  Palo Alto Networks firewall advertising the aggregate route has the following contributing routes:   The aggregate route to be advertised is   Route aggregation configuration :   BGP RIB

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Channel Scoop – April 22, 2016

Sit back and relax. Let us do the information gathering and give you the channel scoop. Next week is the end of Q3FY16 and we want to enable you to finish strong. The Security Roundtable community shares best practices, uses cases and expert advice you can use to help guide executives on managing cybersecurity risks.

Lang Tibbils,
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New Poison Ivy RAT Variant Targets Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

Malware writers have always sought to develop feature-rich, easy to use tools that are also somewhat hard to detect via both host- and network-based detection systems.  For many years, one of the go-to families of malware used by both less-skilled and advanced actors has been the Poison Ivy (aka PIVY) RAT. Poison Ivy has a convenient graphical user interface (GUI) for managing compromised hosts and provides easy access to a rich suite of post-compromise tools. It is no surprise it’s now being used against pro-democracy organizations and supporters in Hong …

Micah YatesMike ScottBrandon LeveneJen Miller-Osborn,
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Python-Based PWOBot Targets European Organizations

We have discovered a malware family named ‘PWOBot’ that is fairly unique because it is written entirely in Python, and compiled via PyInstaller to generate a Microsoft Windows executable. The malware has been witnessed affecting a number of Europe-based organizations, particularly in Poland. Additionally, the malware is delivered via a popular Polish file-sharing web service. The malware itself provides a wealth of functionality, including the ability to download and execute files, execute Python code, log keystrokes, spawn a HTTP server, and mine digital currency via the victim’s CPUs and GPUs. There …

Josh Grunzweig,
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Why can’t the public security sector and the government get along

See what the private sector thinks are the issues holding back a better relationship with the government.

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Palo Alto Networks, PwC collaborate to design a next-generation security framework

Palo Alto Networks and PwC’s Cybersecurity and Privacy practice are joining forces to help customer organizations establish security architectures, organizational structures and computing processes optimized to prevent cyber breaches.

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Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable to Attack, NSA Leader Says

Strong dependence on industrial control systems, or ICS, is a serious vulnerability for industry, the National Security Agency’s deputy director said here yesterday.

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Türk Elektrik Dağıtım Şirketi Ağ Güvenliğine Yeni Bir Enerji Sağlıyor

Turkish Deputy Energy Brings New Network Security

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Grayware Verdict in WildFire

Want some help in going through the WildFire logs? Are you flooded by the number of WildFire events? With this feature, introduced in PAN-OS 7.0, the events are clearly separated for grayware and malware, allowing the response team to focus on the real malware.     Prior to PAN-OS 7.0,

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Next-Generation Security with Palo Alto Networks VM-series and VMware NSX

There are a number of barriers to securing the private cloud, and one of those is the ability to deploy security services at the same pace as virtual machine deployments, without compromising the level of protection needed.

Palo Alto Networks,
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Growing Awareness of Cyber Framework Bodes Well for Global Risk Management

By Danielle Kriz, Sr Director, Global Policy, Palo Alto Networks and Sean Morgan, Advisor, Cybersecurity Policy, Palo Alto Networks Earlier this month, Palo Alto Networks joined approximately 1,000 stakeholders at the Cybersecurity Framework Workshop 2016, organized and hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on its campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The workshop represented just the latest example of an ongoing, inclusive dialogue that started during the initial development of the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (“the Framework”) in 2013 and has continued since its official launch …

Danielle KrizSean Morgan,
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Continuing Signs of Progress on Cybersecurity Policy in the EU

By Danielle Kriz, Sr Director, Global Policy, Palo Alto Networks On April 5–6 in The Hague, the Dutch government hosted its International NCSC One Conference 2016, an annual cybersecurity event it has held since 2008. Nearly 1,000 people from government, industry, and academia attended the conference, including from across Europe, the United States, Russia, and Japan. The theme of this year’s One Conference, “Protecting Bits & Atoms,” was chosen to focus on the increasingly connected physical and digital worlds. The Netherlands is aggressively focusing on cybersecurity. In fact, as European …

Danielle Kriz,
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Best Places To Work 2016

Palo Alto Networks Ranks No. 1, in largest Company Category for Best Places to work 2016.

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Video - Installing MineMeld on VMWare desktop

New video, about installing MineMeld on VMWare dekstop:   (music by Eric Skiff)

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Migration tool, Stonesoft migration no policies?

I'm attempting to migrate a Stonesoft configuration using the Migration tool (version 3.3.9).   After skimming the documentation, I now think I have an idea how the tool is to be used, but I'm facing a problem: Objects and services are loaded correctly, but all policies/rules are missing.   When

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Assign multiple DNS servers to DHCP client from firewall

We can assign more than 2 DNS servers to the DHCP clients with the help of DHCP option 6.   DHCP option 6 carries the IP address(es) of the DNS servers that the client uses for name resolution.   We have to add all the DNS servers in the DHCP

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Migration Tool Training Course

Hello,    I appears that SecureDynamics is no longer offering the Migration Tool Course. Are there plans to move to another training partner, or other options to take the course? Thanks! -Tommy

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Help With MineMeld for Domain Blocking for DNS Sinkhole

Hello    I am new to MindMeld and I am seeking help with an issue:  I wanted to configure an External Block List to use with DNS sinkhole. I need a spyware blocking of malicous sites (Like URLF) but one that will work based ib DNS only!    I tried

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What's new in MineMeld 0.9.9

Release Date: 2016-04-19   How to update: Updating MineMeld   UI - new logo - new you can edit and create a local version of an existing prototype, just press NEW at the top of the prototype view   Nodes - miner for JSON feeds   Prototypes - prototype for AWS IP ranges,

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How to detect when Global Protect client fails to establish IPSec VPN tunnel with the GP Gateway

Symptoms Scenario Global Protect gateway is configured with IPSec option enabled, meaning that GlobalProtect clients will always try to establish IPSec VPN tunnel when connecting to GlobalProtect Gateway. Should the IPSec connection fail, VPN will fall back to SSL protocol.     Diagnosis Solution If one wants to monitor when

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Version 3.3.9 Released on April 19th 2016

Fixes: Policy Filters. If the filter starts by an OR it will show all the rules. CISCO. if a single quote was used in the description (remark) field the access-list was not added into the tool. PALOALTO. Panos7. Templates. Added default vsys parameter to the output generated by the MT.

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Palo Alto Networks working to share threat intelligence

Goal is rapid discovery of attacks and creating defenses against them.

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Python malware slithers its way into European organisations

A strain of malicious code written entirely in Python, dubbed PWOBot, has been discovered infecting a number of organisations based in Europe, specifically in Poland.

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Migration tool 3.3 - Can no longer login "Authenticating...Please wait..."

Hiya,   First post here on the community forum.   I've been sucessfully using the migration tool 3.3 for a couple of weeks now but over night something has happened and I can no longer login via the web interface. It's almost like something has been reset to default as

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Configurable Deny Action

Security policies enable administrators to allow desirable applications to pass through the firewall and block unwanted applications from connecting to the outside or between networks.   The 'allow' action assigned to a security policy is fairly straightforward, but when it comes to blocking traffic, several options are available to an

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Enhancement Request: URL aggregator optimization

Today, the stdlib.aggregatorURL aggregator processes a list of URLs, removes duplicates, and manages withdrawals/whitelists.  However, no optimization is performed on the output of this aggregator.  I would like to recommend the following enhancements:   1. Removal of superfluous URLs URLs that are made redundant by shorter, wildcard URLs should be removed

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issue with malwaredomainlist.ip

Dear,   I added the "malwaredomainlist.ip" as miner. This is working (shows that it has mined about 1500 IPs), but when I add the miner input to a ipv4 or domain aggregator I do not get any output...  

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New on Security Roundtable: Cyber Insurance is a Misnomer

Security Roundtable is a community designed to share best practices, use cases, and expert advice to guide executives on managing cybersecurity risks. In this article, excerpted below, Scott Kannry, CEO of Axio Global, dives into why attention to detail is key when evaluating cyber insurance.

Cristina Salmastlian,
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