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The Advanced Attack Challenge: Creating a Government Private Threat Intelligence Cloud

One of the most prominent and advanced threats to government networks is advanced delivery and execution of zero-day malware. The adversary effectively utilizes technology and has enhanced their ability to create and deliver highly effective unknown or zero-day malware through advanced persistent threats (APTs). To improve defense and resilience, governments are creating their own private threat intelligence clouds based on Palo Alto Networks WildFire™. This architecture enables immediate analysis of the unknown threats and swiftly pushes prevention to all of the physical and virtual Palo Alto Networks platforms from data center to endpoint within the network. By employing Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ Advanced Endpoint Protection as a compensating control, businesses can keep Windows Server 2003 systems compliant and secure, even after EOS.

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Initial Marquee Speakers Announced for Ignite 2015

We’ve promised to tackle your toughest security challenges at Ignite, and we’ve crafted a general session lineup that does all that and more. Register today to get access to this exclusive event.

Brittany Stagnaro,
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Be The First. Become a Fuel Original.

Joining the Fuel User Group (Fuel) today means you become a Fuel Original Member for life.

Megan Scofield,
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Cyber ​​attacks in health care

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Top 10 Zero-day Exploits of 2015: How to Prevent Security Breaches That Leverage Unknown Exploits

Threat actors who pursue the most effective means to circumvent existing endpoint security measures rely on exploits, especially those that leverage unknown software vulnerabilities (commonly referred to as “zero-day exploits”). Embedded in specially crafted data files and content, such as Adobe® PDF and Microsoft® Word documents, zero-day exploits subvert legitimate applications to carry out nefarious activities. Their ability to evade traditional antivirus solutions, and a lack of vendor security patches, often leave organizations with little in terms of preventive measures against zero-day exploits, which generally serve as the initial stage of a targeted attack. This paper provides a list of the Top 10 Zero-Day Exploits of 2015, offers several possible conclusions based on the types of exploits and their associated cybercrime campaigns, and discusses three particularly effective zero-day exploits in brief case studies. The paper then introduces the reader to a technical solution that prevents security breaches which leverage zero-day exploits, including the Top 10 Zero-Day Exploits of 2015 that are listed in this document, without prior knowledge of the application vulnerabilities which they exploit. The solution safely enables organizations to continue the use of their applications regardless of the existence of zero-day exploits, the discovery of application vulnerabilities, or the deployment of security patches.

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Delivering Network Security for IPv6 Networks

Regardless of where your organization appears on the spectrum for IPv6 adoption, making the switch to the Enterprise Security Platform provides tremendous benefit by enabling organizations to implement security services, control errant and unmonitored usage of IPv6, provide a path to consistently secure traffic, and ease migration.

Palo Alto Networks,
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Palo Alto Networks Enhances Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection Offering

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced enhancements that further strengthen the cyber threat prevention capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection offering.

Santa Clara, CA
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Update on Recently Released 2014 NSS Next-Generation Firewall Comparative Analysis

By: Lee Klarich, SVP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks October 31, 2014 Update: We invite you to view an updated 2014 NSS Labs next-generation firewall test, in which Palo Alto Networks achieved 92.5% security effectiveness rating. Click here to see the updated report and read a letter of confirmation from NSS CEO Vikram Phatak. ———- As noted on this blog, NSS recently released a report on Next-Generation Firewalls that indicated that our product failed two security tests.  In our original blog post, we noted that we had not participated in the test process …

Palo Alto Networks,
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Getting to the REAL Numbers Behind Your Next-Generation Firewall with Application Performance Testing

This webcast explores how performance testing is integral to evaluation and emphasizes that methodologies need to move toward application-centric testing.

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Listen to CSO Rick Howard Discuss the Cybersecurity Canon on Risky Business

Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks CSO,  was on Patrick Gray’s Risky Business podcast to talk about the Cybersecurity Canon. Canon nominees have been a regular fixture on the Palo Alto Networks blog for more than a year; the Canon is intended to be a list of must-read books that advance discussion of cybersecurity and, if not read, will leave a hole in a cybersecurity professional’s education.

Chad Berndtson,
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Innovations in Mobile Security at Aruba Atmosphere 2015

Palo Alto Networks wrapped up a busy week at the Aruba Atmosphere 2015 in Las Vegas, including keynote talks from Aruba Networks CEO Dominic Orr who graciously shared the stage with Chad Kinzelberg, Palo Alto Networks SVP of Business & Corporate Development. Together, they mapped out trends in the industry that highlight innovation in both networking and security today.

Brian Tokuyoshi,
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Why Cyber Readiness Activities Are Important

CISSP and other security domain “paper” knowledge and testing of the core cybersecurity domains is helpful. But with the rapid change in adversary tactics and new technologies, exercising against that knowledge is critical. We must exercise our skillset to maintain vigilance on our networks day-to-day. Both government and industry cyber readiness is critical. Often there are unanticipated vulnerabilities – in our platforms, in our behaviors – that don’t rise to the surface until we exercise and learn about the strengths and gaps in our skillset. You’ve heard it before: What …

Pamela Warren,
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Supporting the Best and Brightest Amateur Cybersecurity Talent

By some measures, cybersecurity can be like playing the ultimate multi-level pinball: sweat runs down your brow as you fend off one attack after the other, trying to not let anything through. Unfortunately, testing cybersecurity chops isn’t as simple as pumping a fistful of change through your favourite machine down at the arcade. For the unlucky few the only true test is carried out live and without notice, with money, reputations, or even lives at stake.

Palo Alto Networks,
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Safety on the go

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CEO Mark McLaughlin Discusses Pitfalls of Legacy Cybersecurity On Bloomberg’s Market Makers

Palo Alto Networks CEO Mark McLaughlin appeared on Bloomberg’s Market Makers this morning and talked with co-hosts Stephanie Ruhle, Erik Schatzker and Bloomberg reporter Jordan Robertson on why legacy cybersecurity just doesn’t work anymore and about the benefits of using next-generation security detection and prevention capabilities to help stop cyber attacks.

Chad Berndtson,
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Palo Alto Networks Researcher Identifies Critical Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Palo Alto Networks researcher Bo Qu discovered a new critical Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability affecting IE versions 8, 9, 10 and 11. This is included in Microsoft’s March 2015 Security Bulletin MS15-018 and MS15-019, and documented in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-MAR.

Ryan Olson,
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Making the case for security

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Come See Palo Alto Networks at Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies 2015

Are you attending Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies 2015 next Tuesday, March 17 at The Cable Center, Denver, CO? Back for its eighth consecutive year, this one-day conference will take a comprehensive look at the cable industry’s efforts to develop, deploy and monetize new technologies, products, services and features.

Palo Alto Networks,
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How to stop damaging attacks in Financial Services?

The volume of malware alerts received by security teams in Financial Services can now reach into the tens of thousands daily. Properly addressing these requires tools and security products that deliver a high degree of automation and eliminate many of the manual tasks that security teams still have to deal with when using traditional products. During this webinar, we describe how an integrated and streamlined approach to security can not only detect the most aggressive threats before they cause any damage, but also block any further propagation of malware through an automated closed loop approach that minimize the reliance on manual intervention.

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What’s the Story with Fuel?

Fuel User Group (Fuel) is an active community of Palo Alto Networks technology users who are responsible for securing information and critical infrastructure. Wondering why it’s called Fuel or how it got started? Want to know how to connect with other members? The Fuel Membership 101 Webinar has the answers to all these questions – and plenty more. By checking out this informative webcast, you’ll:

Megan Scofield,
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The Next-Generation Security Platform for Service Providers

The Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform enables service providers to address new challenges and opportunities — securing wireless and wireline infrastructure, enabling cloud services, NFV/SDN and delivering managed security services. - Read the Platform Brief

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Tackle Your Toughest Security Challenges at Ignite 2015

Will you be tackling your toughest security challenges with us at Ignite? Read on for important announcements about the Expert Lab, workshops, and how to get your hands on the full Ignite agenda, and be sure to register today as we expect this event to sell out.

Brittany Stagnaro,
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Unit 42 Threat Intelligence Experts Take New Research On the Road This Spring

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced that members of its Unit 42 threat intelligence team will present at a number of industry events in March and April 2015.

Santa Clara, CA
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The Harsh Reality of Cyber Protection

For many enterprises, detection and remediation in the event of a cyber attack is too little and too late. Attackers are getting more advanced, deploying unknown exploits and unique malware that legacy security is simply not equipped to prevent, or even detect.

Palo Alto Networks,
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