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AWS Deployment Guide: Protecting Inbound Traffic to a Single VPC

Provides a step-by-step guide for creating a single VPC on AWS with load balancers that are distributing traffic to distribute traffic inbound from the internet across a pair of VM-Series firewalls that are managed by Panorama and Logging Service. This guide assumes a working knowledge of AWS and the VM-Series.
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Azure Deployment Guide: Protecting Inbound Traffic to a Single Resource Group

Provides a step-by-step guide for creating a two tiered application infrastructure that uses load balancers to distribute traffic inbound from the internet across a pair of VM-Series firewalls that are managed by Panorama and Logging Service. This guide assumes a working knowledge of Azure and the VM-Series.
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Azure Reference Architecture

Although IaaS providers are responsible for ensuring the security and availability of their infrastructure, ultimately, organizations are still responsible for the security of the applications and data. This reference architecture describes how your organization can use the Palo Alto Networks® VM-Series firewalls to bring visibility, control, and protection to your applications built in Microsoft Azure. This document provides architectural guidance for solution architects and engineers who are familiar with the next-generation firewall but not Azure. It links the technical aspects of the Azure and Palo Alto Networks solution together before exploring the technical design models of the architecture. Use this guide as a roadmap for architectural discussions between Palo Alto Networks and your organization.
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Focused Services - Plus

Focused Services – Plus provides advanced customer care with direct access to a designated engineer for priority case handling, paired with deep technical expertise to accelerate incident resolution. Our experts will develop a tailored release strategy for you as well as conduct a yearly Threat Assessment Service that will validate the effectiveness of your controls.
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Azure Deployment Guide: Protecting Inbound and Outbound Traffic

Provides a step-by-step guide for creating an infrastructure that protects inbound and outbound traffic with two pair of VM-Series firewalls that are managed by Panorama and Logging Service. Where needed, Azure load balancers are used to distribute the traffic. This guide assumes a working knowledge of Azure and the VM-Series.
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Use Case: Protecting Point of Sale Systems

Read about an actual customer’s deployment of Palo Alto Networks to protect cardholder data and PII by securing the POS environment spanning their global retail network.
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ABG Sundal Collier

ABG Sundal Collier is an independent Nordic investment banking powerhouse, established for more than 30 years. Its strategy is to be an advisor and an intermediary, with core product offerings in corporate advisory, corporate financing and investment research and brokerage services. Paul Mastad, IT, shares his experience with Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.
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Increase VDI Scalability with Traps

Traps lightweight structure has minimal impact on resources while protecting VDIs and virtual machines against today's advanced threats.
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Prevent Successful Cyberattacks: Jump into the Security Operating Platform

Learn more about the different facets of the Security Operating Platform and this new approach to prevention-based security.
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Cyber Insurance Briefing Guide

Provides a unique opportunity to look “inside-out” and from within the the customer environment, using a simple scorecard approach
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Rethink Your Strategy to Defeat Evasive Attacks

Understanding evasive malware and effective strategies for preventing this emerging threat type can protect your organization against financial, operational, legal, regulatory and compliance risks.
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Focused Services Overview

Learn more about a personalized support experience with Focused Services from Palo Alto Networks.
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Palo Alto Networks Secures FedRAMP Milestone

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, today announced its WildFire® malware prevention service has achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or...
Santa Clara, CA
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Splunk Integration

One pager for channel partners on joint value of splunk integration.
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Gartner MQ for Enterprise Network Firewalls Report

Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls Report recognizes Palo Alto Networks a Leader for the SEVENTH straight time, with the highest position in ability to execute and furthest in completeness of vision for enterprise network firewalls.
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Palo Alto Networks Appoints Amit K. Singh as President

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, today announced that its board of directors has named Amit K. Singh as president, effective November 1, 2018. As president, Singh...
Santa Clara, CA
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Government use case: Maintain the integrity of election systems

Enable citizens to exercise their right to vote, preserve trust in the process, and meet recommendations and regulations for securing the vote
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Bridging Security Gaps with Networks-to-Endpoint Integration

The typical enterprise uses an average of 30 security products, most of which from variety of vendors and typically do not integrate well and offer little information sharing…if any.
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Royal Air Forces Association

The RAF Association deployed the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, with the Next-Generation Firewall deployed in its data center and Azure public cloud.
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Fake Adobe Flash Installers Come With a Little Malware Bonus

A recent scourge of fake Adobe installers really does provide an update to the latest version of Flash.
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Palo Alto Networks Completes Acquisition of RedLock

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of RedLock Inc., a cloud threat defense company. For Palo Alto Networks, the...
Santa Clara, CA
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Securing Developer Environments on AWS

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can secure dev environments on AWS.
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Palo Alto Networks Support Services Datasheet

Overview of service and support options available to you.
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Fake Adobe Flash Updates Hide Malicious Crypto Miners

A fake Adobe update actually updates victims’ Flash – but also installs malicious cryptomining malware.
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Cryptomining malware discovered masquerading as Flash updates

This malware is so sneaky it updates your Flash to look legit.
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10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

This paper outlines the 10 key things your next firewall must do to secure your network and your business.
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A flood of fake installers will really update Flash for you – but also install cryptocurrency mining malware

If you think that Flash, the once-popular web plugin, couldn’t die fast enough, even those annoying fake Flash installers riddled with malware aren’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, they’re getting even sneakier.
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Advanced Threat Prevention

Our WildFire™ threat analysis service integrates with Aperture to provide advanced threat prevention to block known malware, and we are the only CASB to identify and block unknown malware.
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Expose Hidden Threats With High Performance Decryption

Download the InfoGraphic to learn more about how to expose hidden threats with high-performance decryption.
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Mobile Network Operators Use Case Handbook

The attack surface area of mobile networks has expanded due to greater use of IoT devices, converged access, public and hybrid cloud, and shared infrastructure. Sophisticated bad actors can inject malware into this ever-growing volume of traffic distribution points, then quickly spread and morph to avoid control or detection. Operators must now expand and strengthen both their security posture and visibility into all network peering points Download the use case handbook to learn about the major security challenges, threats and vulnerabilities found in mobile networks and how the Palo Alto Networks approach can benefit mobile network operators.
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