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Palo Alto Networks and VMware unite in cyber crime fight

Palo Alto Networks and VMware have announced a partnership, backed by a new jointly-developed solution. As a result of the deal, the company’s will provide an integrated solution that combines the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtualised next-generation security platform with the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform.
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Palo Alto Networks and VMware ‘transform’ Cloud deployments

Palo Alto Networks and VMware, Inc. have announced a partnership backed by a new jointly-developed solution. The integrated solution will enable customers to use the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform to automate provisioning and distribution of Palo Alto Networks next-generation network security in their software-defined data centres.
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Palo Alto Networks and VMware Partner on Network Virtualization Security

Palo Alto Networks and VMware announced a jointly-developed solution that uses the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform to automate provisioning and distribution of Palo Alto Networks next-generation network security in their software-defined data centers.Palo Alto Networks and VMware Partner on Network Virtualization Security
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Buzz: VMware and Palo Alto Networks Do Deeper Integration

VMware and Palo Alto are getting closer with a press release today that outlines how PAN will be able to transparently inject firewall services into software defined data centres.
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VMware and Palo Alto Networks Partner to Secure Software-Defined Data Centers

VMware and Palo Alto Networks have teamed to offer an integrated solution to protect data centers and ensure the deployment of security services keeps up with the deployment of virtual machines.
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Palo Alto Networks & VMware Send Security East and West

New software from Palo Alto Networks is targeting the problem of security for east-west traffic in the data center, communications that aren’t easily handled by a conventional firewall. The new product, being launched Tuesday, is a VMware-specific version of the VM series of virtualized firewalls that Palo Alto introduced last year, and it was developed with VMware’s help to work in the NSX network-virtualization environment. VMware gave sneak previews at VMworld Barcelona recently.
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SCADA: "Do not connect a system not protected"

Interview with Isabelle Dumont, Director of Industry Marketing Division Palo Alto Networks and Alain Thibaud, Director of Engineering Systems EMEA, about the proactive security advocated by Palo Alto Networks.
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Firewalls for the future

Mark McLaughlin, president and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, aims to stay ahead in the fast-changing security game by staying away from the innovator's dilemma.
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Video interview InfoSec NL: What would you recommend organizations to prevent cyber attacks and / or data leaks?

Rob Pronk, RSD Northern Europe, recommends our next-generation security platform approach! Check out his statement at 1:40.
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Le Conservatoire national des arts et métiers modernise ses équipements de sécurité avec Palo Alto Networks

CNAM has installed two firewalls PA5020 (active / passive) providing the dual function of firewall and VPN.These new-generation equipment Palo Alto Networks has enabled the creation of a VPN access easily accessible and friendly to users and the implementation of a filtering easier to administer, more efficient traffic based on applications and not more about variables classic type port or IP address. The Palo Alto Networks VPN service uses two protocols, SSL and IPSEC standard, allowing it to simply connect remote sites.
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Will Pre-installed Malware Protection on Personally Owned Devices Help Protect the Business?

Samsung announced last month that it will provide anti-virus protection on its Knox-enabled Android mobile devices. Knox provides security enhancements that include integrity checks, restricted access to container apps, and with the new announcement, the ability to detect mobile malware. The announcement for this news noted that the solution is geared for the workplace, and will be especially useful for BYOD scenarios.
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How to Fight Back Against Business Cyber Threats in 2014…

Over the last 24 months, the ICT industry has seen an increase in the number of websites hacking globally, with hackers having motives ranging from political reasons to malicious intent of stealing critical data. Ultimately, there are many ways to compromise websites as Anonymous and other politically motivated actors have done in the past.
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Palo Alto Networks CEO: 12 Reasons We're Set To Soar In 2014

Palo Alto Networks Chairman, President and CEO Mark McLaughlin is predicting that 2014 will be the year the company's next-generation firewall hits a "tipping point," moving from revolutionary breakthrough to "mainstream" adoption.
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Antonio Iannuzzi, Country Manager Italy & Malta, Palo Alto Networks - 13° Forum ICT Security 2013

Antonio Iannuzzi speaks about Palo Alto Networks approach, visions and trends.
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GCHQ 'intercepted LinkedIn and Slashdot traffic to plant malware'

British Spy agency GCHQ set up fake LinkedIn and Slashdot pages to plant malware, according to German Newspaper Der Speigel. The report is based on documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.
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Anonymous targeting Asian government sites

Stealing passwords can be useful for an attacker in a variety of ways. The SEA attacks against the New York Times and variety of other sites provided a stark case in point earlier this year. In that case, instead of stealing passwords from the New York Times directly, the attackers targeted the DNS registrar that the Times uses for its websites. In short, the attackers didn't really attack the New York Times directly at all - they simply broke in to Melbourne IT (the DNS registrar for the New York Times) and changed the DNS record for to point to an IP address in Syria.
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Cloud and Virtualization, even safe fight

If risks change, security policies evolve according to the techniques, but the basic principles remain the same.
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The French “Conservatoire national des arts et metiers” modernises its security equipment with Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the leading network security company™, has been selected by the French Conservatoire national des arts et metiers, CNAM (“National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts”) to modernize its IT security equipment, including the replacement of its firewall and access to its private network.
Santa Clara, CA
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Cyber Attacks: Australia and South East Asia on high alert

Australia and South East Asia are on high alert after sweeping cyber attack across the region by hacktivist group Anonymous. The hackers claimed they’ve already defaced more than 170 Australian websites in protest of reports of Canberra spying on Indonesia, and have threatened to do more of that on 5 November. In the past week, the government in Singapore and the Philippines have also been targeted.
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Cybercrime: Hidden backdoors to enterprise data

Alex Raistrick, vice president for Western Europe at Palo Alto Networks, has spotted an attack vector where backdoors are being exploited, though. "There is something of an intentional backdoor left open by mobile application developers," he says.The most common backdoor threats to organisational data come not from any technology but from complacency on the part of the user. "By installing software such as an SDK in the application itself, the app can reach out to the internet and pull the correct ad in order to get paid. But this embedded software then provides access to the application and the device itself."
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Palo Alto Networks to Announce Fiscal First Quarter 2014 Financial Results on November 25, 2013

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. (NYSE: PANW) today announced that it will release its financial results for its first quarter of fiscal year 2014 ended October 31, 2013 after U.S. markets close on Monday, November 25, 2013. Palo Alto Networks will host a conference call that day at 1:30 PM Pacific time (4:30 PM Eastern time) to discuss the results.
Santa Clara, CA
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Business Determines and Pays ICT Security

Who determines pay for the security of ICT systems, is a matter of the business departments within an organization. Now, experts are saying that could change.
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Hit-and-Run-APTs –ein Widerspruch in sich?

Icefog or hit-and-run attacks are a fairly new phenomenon in the world of IT.Beginning of September saw governments, faced the media and technology companies in Japan and South Korea with such attacks. The unusual hacking method provides the IT security manufacturers with new challenges.
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The Top 25 Disrupters Of 2013

Palo Alto Networks has increasingly challenged industry giants such as Cisco Systems and McAfee with its next-generation firewall technology. As software-defined networking takes hold, look for the company to expand its presence with its security appliances beyond the perimeter into the corporate data center.
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A Combination of Efficiency And Safety

Network management and security of the employees planned to decrease the efficiency of unrestricted access.The Internet is now indispensable not only individuals but also became one of the government agencies and companies. Many companies are now fully networks and Internet-based business processes. The Company's employees anytime, anywhere access and companies' applications work independently of time and place.
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Means against targeted attacks – Multiple protection layers

How companies can best protect themselves against these targeted attacks leveraging technologies such as vulnerability management solutions and next-generation firewalls. Solutions from multiple vendors are being discussed in the article. The solution from Palo Alto Networks is granted the more space and is also explained in more detail compared with competitive solutions such as Check Point or Cisco.
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