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Researchers identify malware that can dismantle cloud security protections

A team of researchers have identified a new kind of malware that they say can remove cloud security products.
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Rocke malware disables cloud security before mining cryptocurrency

A new Linux cryptocurrency mining malware used by the Rocke group can evade detection from cloud security protocols by disabling them.
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5. Coin miner may be the first to uninstall cloud security products

A cluster of attempted digital robberies at West African financial institutions appear to have been imitating the North Korea-linked Lazarus Group's run of heists, according to Symantec.
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Cyber Security Today: Jan. 21, 2019 — Huge cache of stolen passwords, unique Android malware and Linux trouble

A huge cache of stolen passwords revealed by a security researcher, unique Android malware uses motion sensor and Linux attack goes after...
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Rocke coinminer disables cloud protection agents

A group of hackers that specializes in infecting servers with cryptocurrency mining software has started disabling security software agents used in cloud environments to evade detection. Known as Rocke in the security industry, the group has been active since at least April 2018 and is known for exploiting critical vulnerabilities in web application frameworks and servers like Apache Struts, Oracle WebLogic and Adobe ColdFusion.
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XDR: A New Approach to Detection and Response

Enterprises rely on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as a means to respond to cybersecurity incidents. As cybercriminals and their tactics have become more sophisticated, the time to identify and time to contain breaches has only increased. It is becoming increasingly apparent that EDR has failed, and that we need a new approach to detection and response. XDR allows you to rapidly detect and respond to threats across your enterprise, spanning your network, cloud and endpoints.
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Secure your Branch

Join our Palo Alto Networks experts and learn how you can safely route branch traffic directly to the internet while ensuring the same levels of security that you expect for all your users.
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Securing SD-WAN with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform

Palo Alto Networks provides security for SD-WAN.
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Temple University

Temple University was founded in 1884 and is a R1 research institution with over 39,000 students. On a normal day Temple University has over 75,000 devices connected to their network. As a higher-ed institution, Temple needs to operate using an open network environment while protecting and securing their student’s data and research information. Temple University moved from their existing solution to the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. A Palo Alto Networks Service Account Manager worked directly with the Temple team to ensure that the implementation went quick and smooth without any issues. Since implementing the Palo Alto Networks platform, Temple has experienced better stability and have been able to focus on securing their network versus continually maintaining their firewalls.
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SOC Integration Service for NGFW and Panorama Datasheet

Palo Alto Networks SOC Integration Service for NGFW and Panorama will customize your Next-Generation Firewalls and Panorama to provide consistency in incident handling, automation to simplify operations, and improved response times.
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Securing Developer Environments on AWS

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can secure dev environments on AWS.
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Public Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

When it comes to the cloud, security is a shared responsibility between your cloud provider and your organization.
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Yapi Kredi Bank

Yapi Kredi Bank is one of the first nationwide commercial banks in Turkey, and is the fourth largest publicly owned bank in Turkey.
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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is when a program takes new data, learns from it and makes changes without being explicitly programed to do so. With machine learning, the machine is enabled to create or modify rules to further improve itself.
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Interview: Balance Cloud Advantages and Risk with Contextual Data

Watch as our regional CISO of Central Europe, Sergej Epp and SVP Products and Engineering for Public Cloud, Varun Badhwar discuss the importance around balancing cloud advantages and risks with contextual data.
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RedLock Cloud Threat Defense

Watch this video to understand how RedLock® - Palo Alto Networks security and compliance service – provides the context required to comprehensively secure your AWS®, Azure and Google Cloud environments.
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Safely Enable Your SaaS Applications

The use of SaaS applications is creating gaps in security visibility and new risks for threat propagation, data leakage and regulatory noncompliance. See how Aperture can help.
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Stay a Step Ahead in SaaS Security

The appeal of SaaS applications, such as Office 365®, G Suite, Box and Salesforce® is growing, but so are the hidden threats in SaaS offerings: costly data leaks, regulatory noncompliance, malware propagation and so on. This video covers how a fully cloud-delivered security platform addresses cloud access security broker or CASB requirements to minimize the wide range of cloud risks.
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Enterprise Security Evolved

The market is crowded with point products that are not delivering enough protection and causing significant operational pain. It’s time to evolve enterprise security.
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Dedicated Architect Data Sheet

Global expansion, mobile workforces and cloud computing are shifting the locations of your applications, data and users. These changes introduce new opportunities for business efficiencies, but they also create a set of unique cybersecurity challenges.
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Aperture at a Glance

Aperture delivers complete visibility and granular enforcement across all user, folder and file activity within sanctioned SaaS applications.
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Executive Overview: The Next Evolution in Cloud Security

The current landscape of networking and security overlay products are creating administrative problems with cost and complexity, and falling short on the protections that organizations need. Learn about how Palo Alto Networks is changing the game with GlobalProtect Cloud Service and Aperture.
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Getting security where you need it

Introducing GlobalProtect cloud service Watch the Lightboard to learn how GlobalProtect cloud service uses a cloud-based security infrastructure to minimize the operational burden associated with protecting remote networks and mobile users from cyberattacks with consistent next-generation security policies.
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Lightboard Series: Protect SaaS Applications with Next-Gen Security

Lightboard Series: Protect SaaS Applications with Next-Gen Security
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Top 10 AWS Cloud Security Risks and How to Resolve Them

Download the ebook now to learn about the top risks you are likely to encounter in your AWS environment.
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Use Case: Consolidate Network Security, Reduce Costs and Complexity

Businesses embrace digital technologies that modernize their operations and enable innovation. Yet these same technologies introduce new security vulnerabilities and new data that must be secured. The result is a costly cybersecurity arms race, in which businesses introduce new security products to counter new attack vectors. Individually-managed or standalone security products add complexity, reduce visibility, and strain under-resourced security teams.
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Government Use Case: Secure Law Enforcement Networks

Read how law enforcement organizations around the world are securing sensitive data and preventing cyberattacks with Palo Alto Networks
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Directory Sync Privacy Data Sheet

Document describing how Directory Sync collects and processes data
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Take the Next Step Toward Even Better Security with the Self-Service Best Practice Assessment!

In this live, expert-led workshop, you will learn how to generate custom reports and dashboards that give you visibility into the exact aspects of your Security Operating Platform deployment which you need to prioritize.
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Cybersecurity Business Value Calculator

With attacks happening at alarming rates, cybersecurity investments must be spent on the right tools and technologies. Are you getting the most out of your security investments? Meta: With attacks happening at alarming rates, cybersecurity investments must be spent on the right tools and technologies. Are you getting the most out of your security investments?
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