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Maintain Performance with Security Services Enabled

IT Security teams are often forced to choose between security and performance. See how the unique design of our Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall addresses this challenge and how it has performed in independent 3rd party testing.

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Palo Alto Networks and Avaya Partnership

Palo Alto Networks and Avaya™ have partnered to provide high-performance next-generation security solutions for data center networks. The mission critical data centers of today have no tolerance for disruptions in throughput or availability. At the same time, the threats imposed on data centers by modern malware require a security solution that has next-generation firewall intelligence.

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Palo Alto Networks and Network Critical

Learn how the Network Critical’s tap/bypass switch optimizes full-functionality of the Next-Generation Firewall without impacting latency or availability.

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Wireless Networks Solution Brief

Enterprise mobility is changing the ways that people work and the devices they use. It’s also changing the network infrastructure needed to support the devices on business networks. Wireless interfaces are the network connectivity standard for tablets and smartphones, and even some laptops such as ultrabooks and the Apple MacBook Air. As a result, wireless networking is now ubiquitous. It’s found at corporate and branch offices everywhere, including at organizations that have taken conservative positions on wireless networking in the past, such as hospitals, banks, and government offices. With all of this rapid growth, questions arise on whether the proper security is in place to protect the traffic and keep it free of malfeasance and impropriety.

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Introducing the PA-7050 - The Fastest Next-Generation Firewall (Hebrew)

Your business groups have a seemingly insatiable need for more bandwidth. Recent high profile attacks that use port 80, or SSL to hide, and leverage commonly used applications like FTP and RDP for exfiltration are driving the need to increase your security posture. Which do you choose? Performance or security? Easy – Both.

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GSA and CMAS Government Contracts

Information about the Palo Alto Networks products and services available on GSA CMAS contracts.

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Threat Review Series: Lessons From WildFire, January 2012 Edition

Following the release of WildFire (Palo Alto Networks new feature for combating targeted and unknown malware), we have discovered hundreds of new types of malware that are hitting enterprise networks every day. In this edition of the Threat Review we will take a deep dive into some of the more interesting examples that we have encountered, understand how they work, how they are delivered and then provide the specific best-practices needed to combat the latest trends in malware.

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Enterprise Mobility Security Webinar: Can IT Get Protection and Provide Choice?

Enterprise Mobility Security Webinar where attendees will learn techniques for: placing security at the heart of your mobility strategy and ensuring that users, applications and data assets remain secure at all times.

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Palo Alto Networks and Q1 Labs

Palo Alto Networks and Q1 Labs have partnered to jointly deliver the only next generation security intelligence and control solution. QRadar’s best-in-class data collection, analysis, correlation and auditing capabilities coupled with Palo Alto Networks unique application, user and threat control enable organizations to quickly and easily implement a next-generation security management program to meet current and emerging network security challenges. The combined solution enables security professionals to comprehensively identify, defend against, and remediate exploits and policy violations.

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Major Western Military Service

This major western military service unit provides network defense for all of its major commands and leadership globally. The service operates, maintains and defends its networks across myriad sites globally. It provides the service’s first and second lines of defense against all of the network’s external and internal threats.

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Firewall Expert Series: Guarding Mobile and Remote Users with GlobalProtect

Hear how our next-generation firewall delivers protection to remote users as if they never left your corporate campus, and enforces your policies regardless of location.

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Palo Alto Networks and Splunk

Hand in hand with the deployment of a robust security architecture is the need for a monitoring and response system that allows enterprises to continuously monitor and process security data efficiently and proactively act upon this data if suspicious network activity is found. Palo Alto Networks has partnered with Splunk® to deliver an advanced visibility, reporting and monitoring solution for intelligent security analysis.

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Firewall Expert Series: Extending Application Security Policies to Cover Users Everywhere

In this session, we closely examine application usage policies and how they apply to users in different locations. Watch it to learn how to identify challenges with conventional approaches, how you can extend application usage policies to cover remote users, and how to manage your policies from a central location.

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Introducing the PA-7050 – The Fastest Next-Generation Firewall

Your business groups have a seemingly insatiable need for more bandwidth. Recent high profile attacks that use port 80, or SSL to hide, and leverage commonly used applications like FTP and RDP for exfiltration are driving the need to increase your security posture. Which do you choose? Performance or security? Easy – Both. Watch this webcast and find out how Palo Alto Networks can improve your security posture without compromising on performance.

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Threat Review Series: Recycled Botnets

Botnets are some of the most damaging and dangerous malware on the threat landscape, and lately, the industry has been visited by resurgent botnets that were previously thought to be dead. Join us for this edition of the Threat Review series as we take a hands-on look at the latest malware findings from WildFire, including new information on Waledac, Kelihos and even an update from our old friend Zeus. We will track the recent outbreaks and investigate the cross-pollination between these powerful botnets.

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Managed Security Services Solution Brief

Demand for managed security services is on the rise as many enterprises and governments struggle to contend with an increasingly complex threat landscape, a shortage of skilled personnel, and the need to rapidly adapt to dynamic business conditions while still keeping security costs under control.

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Control your Own Cyberspace: Migrating Threat Response Teams To Threat Intelligence Teams

Vishaal Hariprasad - Threat Intelligence Architect with Palo Alto Networks explores and explains the prevailing shift in mindset from one of signature-based defence security models to more abstract ‘Indicators of Compromise’ and knowing where and how to identify them within your own network security stack.

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Application Visibility and Control

How Palo Alto Networks delivers application visibility and control more effectively than other port-based offerings.

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60 Minutes: The Future of the Perimeter

Join two pioneers in network security: Nir Zuk and Marcus Ranum, for what promises to be a very lively discussion on the future of the network perimeter. As applications and users move in and out of the enterprise network, what happens to the network perimeter as we know it? Does it go away? Evolve? How should organizations address these changes? Both Marcus and Nir are mainstays of the network security space – both having built and championed multiple successful innovations, products, and companies serving enterprise security professionals.

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Practical Use of the Next-Generation Firewall to Control Advanced Malware

Modern threats have changed the game in information security with an ever-growing list of high-profile and sophisticated breaches standing as proof that these threats are very real today. In this presentation we will dive into the role that the next-generation firewall plays in coordinated defense in depth approach to advanced malware, with actionable best-practices that you can use today to prevent infections as well as detect and remediate these threats in your network.

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Firewall Expert Series: Protecting Against Emerging and Targeted Threats

Modern networks are under assault from an increasingly varied and sophisticated spectrum of exploits, malware and evasion strategies designed to avoid traditional security products. In this review we will introduce: - Palo Alto Networks complete approach to threat prevention - How you can use the unique capabilities of the next-generation firewall to address the entire lifecycle of a modern threat - How you can protect against emerging, targeted and unknown threats

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Rethink Security for SaaS with a Platform Approach

Watch this on-demand webinar where we examine the stages of a real-world attack targeting SaaS applications plus best practices to secure your SaaS environment.

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Introducing the PA-7050 (Turkish)

Your business groups have a seemingly insatiable need for more bandwidth. Recent high profile attacks that use port 80, or SSL to hide, and leverage commonly used applications like FTP and RDP for exfiltration are driving the need to increase your security posture. Which do you choose? Performance or security? Easy - Both.

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60 Minutes: Next Generation Firewalls in the Real World

Join Nir and Mark Bouchard of AimPoint Group as they share candid interviews with customer about lessons learned, benefits gained, and advice they have for their peers in the industry. As usual, you should expect a lively event as Nir and Mark debate the impacts and implications of these customer experiences, and incorporate your questions and comments over the course of the conversation.

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Revealing the Secrets – Advances in Android & iOS Attacks

Join us for this no-cost webinar to get vital details on how the rapidly changing threat landscape may affect your organization. You’ll also get comprehensive strategies for securing your mobile workforce.

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Threat Review Series: Controlling the Lifecycle of Modern Threats

The rate of sophisticated breaches and intrusions is obviously accelerating. While there is no shortage of media coverage on these events, there is a troubling lack of best practices that enterprises can use to protect themselves. In this edition of the Threat Review Series, we will walk through the full lifecycle of today's modern attacks, and discuss specific next-generation firewall policies and tools you can use today as part of a coordinated threat prevention strategy.

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Next-Generation Security For your Next-Generation Data Center

Watch to learn what network security challenges to consider when building your private cloud, why existing data center security solutions do not work, and how our next-generation security platform can help.

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Threat Review: The Anatomy of a Targeted Attack

Targeted attacks represent some of the most dangerous threats facing a modern enterprise. While these threats remain relatively rare, they often target your most valuable assets and intellectual property. The use of custom malware and attack strategies also makes them some of the most difficult IT security threats for you to detect. In this episode of the Threat Review, we will analyze a real-world example of a targeted attack exposed by WildFire, including an analysis of the malware industry that supports targeted attacks, and best practices to protect your network today.

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Migrating from Cisco ASA to Palo Alto Networks - French

Nous vous invitons à visualiser notre webinar sur la « migration de Cisco ASA vers Palo Alto Networks » Vous verrez lors de cette session comment il est facile de passer à une plate-forme de sécurité de nouvelle génération. Nous vous expliquerons les différences fondamentales entre Cisco ASA et Palo Alto Networks, avec les illustrations des meilleures pratiques migratoires, des exemples et des études de cas.

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