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Palo Alto Networks Completes Acquisition of PureSec

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of PureSec, a leader in serverless security, to extend its Prisma™ cloud security strategy.
Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks Reports Identify Container Security Concerns

A pair of reports published by Palo Alto Networks makes it apparent that the biggest issue in container security is not how secure the containers are, but rather how they are configured.
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Securing the Unpatchable in Financial Institutions

There are no flawless software systems or applications. When flaws result in security vulnerabilities, threat actors exploit them to compromise those systems and applications and, by extension, the endpoints on which they reside. Although software vendors issue patches to remediate flaws, many financial institutions do not apply all available patches to their production environments. In addition, when systems or applications reach their end-of-support, they no longer receive vulnerability patches from their vendors. These two scenarios describe the conditions under which a system or application is considered "unpatchable." When patching or upgrading is no longer feasible, security professionals need to identify alternative ways to secure the unpatchable systems and applications to support their ongoing use in the environment.
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Public Cloud Security and Threat Defense for Higher Education

Learn about how Palo Alto Networks can help secure and manage your public cloud workloads
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Healthcare Use Case: Protect Medical Devices

Protect Medical Devices
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Maine Township High School District

Why Maine Township HS District 207 chose Palo Alto Networks Security Platform with Aruba ClearPass to secure network access for students, faculty and staff.
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Best Practices for Network Security Consolidation in Government

Through network security consolidation, government agencies can achieve tighter integration between previously disparate systems while automating and simplifying the process for responding to and preventing malicious activity.
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Government Use Case: Network Security Consolidation

As Governments adopt digital technologies – employee remote access, citizen self-service, SaaS, cloud, and more – these same technologies introduce new points where the network can be infiltrated, and new valuable data that must be secured. The result was a cyber security arms race where new threats were countered with new security point products. Today, governments are consolidating security appliances and functions to gain better visibility and use scarce cybersecurity professionals wisely. Read this use case to discover • The advantages of a platform approach to network security consolidation. • Best practices for deployment. • How a government agency eliminated 10 security appliances at every location, simplifying compliance, management and reporting while improving security.
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Data Breaches Make Zero Trust The New Buzzword In Cybersecurity

Despite huge spending on computer security, the good guys aren't even close to getting the upper hand vs. hackers.
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DNS Privacy

Document describes information processed by the service
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Palo Alto Networks’ Security Operating Platform Integration with SilentDefense

True resilience for critical infrastructure and data centers against cyber and operational issues.
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Legacy Networks: What Was There Before Zero Trust

To shift how we think about security design and deploying Zero Trust, it’s important to understand security as it predates the introduction of Zero Trust.
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Cortex XDR

Hunt down and stop stealthy attacks by unifying network, endpoint, and cloud data
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Cybersecurity Academy Curriculum

The Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy is a university program to help educate the next generation of cybersecurity experts. This document is a list of the curriculum associated with the program.
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Colleges and Universities Gain Visibility into Cloud Apps

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how IT Admins and SaaS Admins prevent inadvertent data breaches by gaining visibility into popular cloud apps such as Google Suite, Office 365,
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Palo Alto Networks forecasts current-quarter profit below estimates, shares fall

Cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks Inc forecast current-quarter profit below analysts’ estimates on Wednesday, largely due to expenses related to its recent acquisitions and a hit from tariffs, sending its shares down 5%.
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Palo Alto Networks Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, announced today financial results for its fiscal third quarter 2019, ended April 30, 2019. Total revenue for the fiscal third...
Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks Announces Intent to Acquire Two Companies to Extend Its Cloud Security Leadership

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, today announced that it has entered into definitive agreements to acquire Twistlock, the leader in container security, and...
Santa Clara, CA
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Palo Alto Networks Launches Prisma Cloud Security as Twistlock Acquisition Rumors Swirl

Palo Alto Networks today rolled out its new Prisma cloud security suite as rumors swirled that the vendor had reached deals to acquire Twistlock and another security startup. The company is also scheduled to report its third quarter 2019 earnings today after the market closes.
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Palo Alto Networks Introduces Prisma: The Secure Way to Cloud

Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) today announced Prisma™, a new cloud security suite designed to help its customers lead a more secure digital life. The world needs cloud security that is...
Santa Clara, CA
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Prisma Public Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Prisma Public Cloud for Microsoft Azure dynamically discovers cloud resource changes and continuously correlates raw, siloed data sources including user activity, resource configurations, network traffic, threat intelligence, and vulnerability feeds to provide a complete view of public cloud risk.
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Journey to the Cloud Drives the Need for Complete Cloud Security

Palo Alto Networks asked Forrester vice president and research director Stephanie Balaouras to share the security trends she observes as customers progress on their journey to the cloud. Many organizations have accepted this management nightmare as the status quo and think improvement of this situation is not possible. Panorama™ network security management empowers you with easy-to-implement, consolidated policy creation and management. Set up and control next-generation firewalls centrally with industry-leading functionality and an efficient rule base, and gain insight into network-wide threats.
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Prisma Secures the Cloud for Major Software Provider

A prominent Fortune 1000 company with more than 10,000 workloads across 100 AWS® accounts achieved several important goals by implementing Prisma Public Cloud. This use case provides an overview of the immediate benefits Prisma Public Cloud provided, including the ability to enable forensics, achieve visibility into risk posture, and automate DevSecOps.
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10 Ways Prisma Public Cloud Complements Cloud-Native Security

Learn how Prisma Public Cloud complements your cloud-native security
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Prisma Cloud Threat Protection

The dynamic nature of public cloud environments requires security operations teams to adapt and embrace a new approach to securing the cloud. Threat assessment and mitigation are significantly impacted due to ephemeral cloud environments, decentralized management models, and distributed data across multi-cloud deployments. Threat prevention for the cloud needs to be built around the principles of attack surface reduction through segmentation and prevention controls, advanced threat detection measures built around user, network and host activity monitoring and behavioral baselines, and rapid response through automated remediation.
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Prisma Public Cloud for GCP

Prisma Public Cloud for Google Cloud dynamically discovers cloud resource changes and continuously correlates raw, siloed data sources including user activity, resource configurations, network traffic, threat intelligence, and vulnerability feeds to provide a complete view of public cloud risk.
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Prisma Public Cloud Premium Customer Success Plan

Prisma Public Cloud Premium Customer Success Plans outlining the value customer receive with choosing our different success plans.
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Executive summary: A more secure everywhere

The journey to the cloud is not a linear one, and organizations choose to migrate to the cloud in a multitude of ways and approaches. The resulting complexity is the enemy of security. In fact, according to ESG, “36% of organizations use between 24 to 49 different security products while 19% use more than 50 different products from an assortment of vendors.” All this noise only makes way for more security concerns such as integration issues, misconfigurations, and access control. To overcome this complexity and succeed in the cloud, organizations must demand security solutions that can quickly and effectively scale with changing business needs. Prisma by Palo Alto Networks is the industry’s most complete cloud security offering for today and tomorrow, providing unprecedented visibility into data, assets, and risks across the cloud and delivered with radical simplicity.
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SECURITY FIRST: Creating a Secure, Compliant Public Cloud Environment

This e-book provides a framework for developing a security-first approach to monitoring the state of your cloud environment, applying rapid fixes, and gaining control over all your operations in the cloud.
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Best practices for complete cloud security

The way your business leverages cloud and SaaS technologies evolves each and every day -- including where they access systems and data from. As a result, many security and technology executives find it a challenge to strike the right balance between speed and risk. If you’re looking for ideas and best practices to ensure consistent, comprehensive security without adding additional complexity, check out our Prisma resource center for tips and best practices to inform how your next step in your cloud security journey.
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