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Video Game Maker SEGA Europe Outmaneuvers Cyberthreats With the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – 21 May, 2019 – Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, today announced that SEGA® Europe, the distribution arm of interactive game publisher SEGA Games Co., Limited, chose the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform as the standard for its security operations, providing centralized cybersecurity detection and prevention for its London headquarters and five world-class development studios spanning the U.K., France, Bulgaria, and Canada.
Santa Clara, CA
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Sega Europe

As a prolific game developer and publisher with five studios across four countries, SEGA Europe needed greater visibility into the vulnerabilities existing across its network and more granular control over application traffic to mitigate exposure to malware or other cyber exploits. By deploying the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, SEGA Europe serves its headquarters and studios with unified next-generation security capabilities and single-pane-of glass visibility.
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Total Produce PLC

Total Produce seamlessly migrates to the Security Operating Platform with cloud-based endpoint protection.
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Simplify Zero Trust Implementation Using A Five-Step Methodology

Building Zero Trust networks is actually simpler than building legacy networks. This 5-step methodology makes deploying Zero Trust networks manageable, cost effective and non-disruptive.
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WildFire: U.S. Government Data Sheet

FedRAMP authorized instance of WildFire build specifically for U.S. government agencies.
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Exposing the Top 10 Cloud Security Myths

In the first edition of magazine, get the latest ideas and best practices to secure the cloud from industry experts and business executives. Your journey to the cloud starts here.
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Simplify Cybersecurity: Why Less is More

Complexity has infiltrated every aspect of cybersecurity, resulting in costly and ballooning IT infrastructure. In the second edition of magazine, experts like Rick Howard, Naveen Zutshi, and Mario Chiock provide ideas on how to simplify operations to achieve more efficiency and success.
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7 Service Provider Insights on Securing 5G Networks During Commercial Deployment

This Palo Alto Networks info brief is a synopsis of 7 key findings from the 2019 Heavy Reading 5G Security Survey.
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Supercharge Your Web Security With URL Filtering

As web-based attacks become more automated and effective, organizations must go beyond web protection basics. URL Filtering enables defenders to take advanced security actions to protect against malicious sites that deliver malware or steal credentials. Read this infographic for four advanced URL Filtering capabilities you can take use to enable safe web access and why they matter.
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5 Service Provider Security Considerations to 5G / IoT Security

Five security considerations mobile network operators need to keep on top of mind for a holistic and transformative approach to security across their mobile network.
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Nigerian BEC Scammers Use Malware to Up the Ante

Nigerian email scammers have come a long way from the days of asking for money to help a member of the country's royal family.
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SilverTerrier cybergang evolving new techniques for BEC scams

actors have been attributed to more than 51,000 malware samples and 1.1 million cyber attacks over the last four years as they are gaining experience quickly as they adopt new technologies, techniques, and malware to advance their schemes, according to a May 9 blog post.
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Implementing 5G Security: 5 Service Provider Priorities & Preferences

Five strategic service provider security priorities that will guarantee successful outcomes with implementing 5G.
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Nigerian Cybercrime 'Group' Has 400 Malicious Actors

SilverTerrier is not a traditional cybercrime group. It is the collective name Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks gives to Nigerian cybercriminals. SilverTerrier continues to grow (over 400 individual actors) and evolve (from advance fee and 419 scams to business email compromise (BEC) and malware distribution).
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Nigerian BEC Scammers Shifting to RATs As Tool of Choice

Scammers running business email compromise (BEC) fraud have grown in number, attack more often, and turn to remote access trojans as the preferred malware type to accompany their raids.
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Cybersecurity Jobs Abound. No Experience Required.

Companies like IBM and Palo Alto Networks scramble to hire hundreds of thousands of corporate hackers to defend networks and data
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Legacy Networks: What Was There Before Zero Trust

To shift how we think about security design and deploying Zero Trust, it’s important to understand security as it predates the introduction of Zero Trust.
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Debunking the Myth around Implementing Zero Trust

Debunking the Myth around Implementing Zero Trust
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Guide to Securing G Suite for the Enterprise

Learn about the advantages and risks associated with G Suite and what your organization can do to securely use it to its fullest.
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Making SaaS Safe: 7 Requirements for Securing Cloud Applications and Data

Learn about seven requirements for SaaS security and how they can help you protect your employees, data, and company from cyberthreats when using SaaS applications.
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What Is DNS?

DNS is as ubiquitous online as flooring is in your home – so what exactly is it, and why should you care?
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Four Ways to Improve Cloud Security and Compliance

Attackers always look for quick ways to steal data. Using readily available automated tools and advanced techniques, they can do so with ease, leaving your traditional network defenses ineffective.
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What Is DNS Tunneling?

DNS tunneling is one of the most damaging DNS attacks. What exactly is it, and how does it work?
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13 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

This paper outlines the 10 key things your next firewall must do to secure your network and your business.
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What is a Credential-Based Attack?

Credential based attacks occur when attackers steal credentials to gain access, bypass an organizations security measures, and steal critical data.
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Despite Doxing, OilRig APT Group Remains a Threat

Despite a doxing of its targets and tools in March, the advanced persistent threat group known as OilRig remains a significant threat to governments and businesses, researchers at Palo Alto Network's Unit 42 report.
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Extending Zero Trust to the Cloud

Learn the real-world business challenges and benefits
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Cloud Transformation

Bryan Lee, Principal Researcher for Unit 42, highlights the need for visibility and control in the cloud.
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Visibility in a Multi-cloud World

Bryan Lee, Principal Researcher for Unit 42, highlights the need for visibility across multi-cloud environments.
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Credential-based Attacks

Bryan Lee, Principal Researcher for Unit 42, provides high-level recommendations on how to prevent credential-based attacks.
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