Secure remote access for the hybrid workforce

Zero Trust with
Zero Exceptions

ZTNA 1.0 is over. Secure the future of hybrid work with ZTNA 2.0. Only available with Prisma® Access.

Forrester New Wave™:
Zero Trust Network

Palo Alto Networks Named a Leader


Modernize remote access with GlobalProtect and Prisma Access

Least-privilege access for remote employees

Modernize your remote access for better hybrid workforce security.

  • Identity-based access control at scale

    Simplify remote access management with identity-aware authentication and client or clientless deployment methods for mobile users.

  • Device trust enforcement

    Assess device health and security posture before connecting to the network and accessing sensitive data for Zero Trust Network Access.

  • Extend consistent security policies

    Seamlessly implement industry-leading security controls and inspection across all mobile application traffic, regardless of where – or how – users and devices connect.

More than secure enough

The hybrid workforce has changed the game for secure remote access

Secure remote access made easy for IT

Flexible, secure remote access for your hybrid workforce

  • Dependable control

    Extend consistent security policies to inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic.

  • Comprehensive security

    Deliver transparent, risk-free access to sensitive data with an always-on, secure connection.

  • Full visibility

    Eliminate blind spots in your remote workforce traffic with full visibility across all applications, ports and protocols.

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