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Learn why organizations choose
Prisma® SD-WAN over VMware VeloCloud®
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Try Prisma SD-WAN with a Free Trial

Try Prisma SD-WAN with a Free Trial

Prisma SD-WAN provides best-in-class security and networking for branches, delivering an ROI of up to 243%

Find out how Prisma SD-WAN surpasses VMware VeloCloud to provide best-in-class security, integrated services, and automated operations.

Natively integrated security and SD-WAN

Natively integrated security and SD-WAN

Prisma SD-WAN integrated with Prisma Access to deliver the most complete SASE solution.

  • Enables integrated 5G SD-WAN that provides active-active carrier redundancy

  • Offers CloudBlades API platform for easy integration with additional services like UCaaS, multicloud, ChatOps, and Operations applications to your branches ZTNA 2.0

  • Cloud-delivered branch services allow integration with zero service disruptions at branches or cloud

  • Prisma Access is built in the cloud to secure at cloud scale, leveraging the largest cloud providers in the world to enable elastic scale and the highest performing multi-cloud network backbone.

Significantly simplifies network operations while improving end-user experience

Significantly simplifies network operations while improving end-user experience

Prisma SD-WAN leverages artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) and Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) to automate tedious network operations and deliver exceptional user experience.

  • Reduce troubleshooting tickets up to 99% by analyzing massive amounts of data, correlating events, and creating consolidated reports using AIOps and machine learning (ML)

  • Enable issue resolution with insights into performance at tenant, branch, circuit, device and application-level

  • Identify issues from the first mile to the last mile and every hop in between with ADEM

  • Innovate the industry’s first on-demand consumption model for SD-WAN to deliver a flexible bandwidth licensing for branches

Best-in-class security with integrated ZTNA 2.0

Best-in-class security with integrated ZTNA 2.0

Prisma® SD-WAN natively applies best-in-class security for branches.

  • Integrates cloud security with ML-powered threat prevention to instantly stop 95% of web-based threats inline

  • Enables continuous trust assessment along with deep and ongoing threat monitoring of user traffic with ZTNA 2.0

  • Delivers 10X more network throughput per tunnel than the nearest competitors


Compare Prisma SD-WAN to VMware VeloCloud

Prisma SD-WAN
VMware VeloCloud
Prisma SD-WAN
Native, best-in-class security and seamless branch service integrations
  • Leverage Prisma Access to deliver ZTNA 2.0, a unified SASE product with simplified management for both security and networking.
  • A common policy framework and data lake for both security and networking enforce consistent security and business policies regardless of apps, users and location.
  • Integrated 5G as primary with 4G/LTE for failover enables provider redundancy and consistent connectivity.
VMware VeloCloud
Disparate solutions for branch services and limited security
  • Leverage third-party security vendors or additional point products at their cloud gateways to secure apps and users.
  • Disparate management solutions for security and networking impact collaboration within NOC and SOC teams.

  • Only supports 4G/LTE that can be used as a primary or secondary WAN link.
Performance and User Experience
Prisma SD-WAN
Exceptional end-user experience for all apps
  • Native ADEM optimizes the end-user experience for every user, working from home and branch.
  • Detailed segment-wise insights from the first to the last mile and every hop in between to troubleshoot and remediate issues proactively.
  • Provide granular network insights and recommendations at tenant, branch, circuit and app level with AIOps for faster resolution.
VMware VeloCloud
Limited end-to-end visibility for apps
  • Zero visibility into cloud and SaaS app performance when accessed through direct internet.
  • Zero visibility into the middle mile (ISPs) creates significant challenges in isolating and resolving provider and circuit issues.
  • Lack of capability to include application performance to remediate issues.
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 2.0
Prisma SD-WAN
Natively integrated, best-in-class security
  • Enable least privilege access by identifying applications based on App-IDs at Layer 7 while continuously verifying trust and enforcing security inspection.
  • Consistently protect all data and secure all applications across the enterprise, including modern cloud native apps, legacy private apps and SaaS apps.
Secures the network, sometimes
  • Grants access to an app once it's trusted and continues to allow and ignore those communications forever while supporting limited coarse-grained access controls.
  • Uses multiple point products to implement ZTNA across device, user, applications and data trust.

Connect and secure your branch offices with Prisma SD-WAN

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Take Prisma SD-WAN for a Test Drive

See how Prisma SD-WAN differs from legacy SD-WAN solutions with this hands-on workshop.

Take Prisma SD-WAN for a Test Drive


Take Prisma SD-WAN for a Test Drive

See how Prisma SD-WAN differs from legacy SD-WAN solutions with this hands-on workshop.
Take Prisma SD-WAN for a Test Drive
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