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Cloud Secure Web Gateway

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As applications move to the cloud and users work from anywhere, the web is becoming harder to secure. Organizations have looked to secure web gateway (SWG) vendors to address these threats, but legacy vendors are stuck on-premises, lacking cloud scale and flexibility.

What is Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?


A single web security solution


Scalable cloud-delivered platform

Cloud SWG delivers complete cloud security through Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access. Built on a massively scalable network with ultra-low latency and backed by industry-leading SLAs, it ensures the best digital experience possible for end users. Prisma Access offers infinite scale and performance, seamlessly connecting and securing any user, device or application.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Best of breed security

With our industry-leading security services to stop web-based attacks, Cloud SWG can help you safely enable applications, users, content and devices by eliminating known and unknown threats. Seamlessly integrated into the Prisma Access cloud-delivered security platform, our comprehensive security capabilities coordinate intelligence and provide protection across all attack vectors.

Natively Integrated SaaS Security

Enable safer cloud adoption

Cloud SWG offers natively integrated Enterprise DLP and CASB capabilities through SaaS Security and provides advanced capabilities in risk discovery, compliance assurance, data governance, user behavior monitoring, and advanced threat prevention.

Enterprise DLP

Consistently protect sensitive data across every network, cloud and user

Palo Alto Networks delivers a comprehensive data protection solution, broadly and consistently covering every network and web transmission for all your users regardless of their location, for multiple SaaS applications and public clouds while eliminating blind spots across on-premises and multicloud environments.

Remote Browser Isolation Integration

Reduce your attack surface with CloudBlades integration

RBI technology can reduce the attack surface by providing an air gap between the network and external content over the web. Realize seamless user experiences while forwarding certain traffic (e.g., unknown or high-risk categories) to RBI for additional inspection, while the remaining traffic is inspected by Prisma Access and egresses directly to the internet.


Realize cloud secure web gateway capabilities

Prisma Access
Prisma Access

Protect your network, users and apps

  • Identity-based access control

  • Continuous post-connect threat and trust monitoring

  • Superior user experience at scale

  • Simplified policy management


Extend your web security

Enterprise DLP

Enterprise DLP

  • Prevents data breaches

  • Ensures regulatory compliance

  • Stops risky user behavior

  • Delivers comprehensive data protection

  • Provides content, context and ML-based data classification

Natively Integrated SaaS Security

Natively Integrated SaaS Security

  • Automatically discover and control new applications

  • Get data protection and compliance across all SaaS applications

  • Prevent zero-day threats in real time

  • Deploy easily and enjoy the lowest TCO


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