Improve services and reduce overhead, safely

Secure citizen data, government services and operations

Provincial, state and local agencies partner with Palo Alto Networks to prevent successful cyberattacks, safeguard sensitive data and optimize security operations.



Smart cities

Learn how the City of Mesa, Arizona is establishing a cybersecurity model for the future, encompassing industrial control systems, public clouds and IoT.

Customer story

Law enforcement

See examples of how police services around the world have increased security resilience and performance in their networks.

Use case

Election systems

Explore how agencies are taking steps to secure the vote, including protecting unpatched voting machines, election databases and more

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Stop ransomware in its tracks

Gain insight and best practices from your peers and industry experts on how to design and implement a modern ransomware strategy.


Prevent attacks that target operations and data

Ada County relies on consistent and automated threat prevention in the Security Operating Platform to secure its offices, E911 network, workstations, servers and virtual desktops, as well as manage access to county services by trusted outside agencies. The county protects information and employees by enabling application and web access by job function, and even creates temporary policies for special investigations.


Secure US Medicaid and other healthcare programs in the cloud

In the US, states are modernizing their Medicaid Management Information Systems, or MMIS. Learn how to protect the valuable data of Medicaid beneficiaries, providers, and workers.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, or CMS, offers guidance in Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges, or MARS-E, for securing information systems, health data, and personally identifiable information.



Understand MARS-E and its guidance in complying with federal legislation and regulations.

Read the executive brief

Explore the challenges of migrating state Medicaid systems to the cloud and how Palo Alto Networks can help.

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View a quick summary of MMIS and Integrated Eligibility System (IES) challenges in the cloud.

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Meet cybersecurity benchmarks with a trusted partner

Explore our resources that detail our commitment to global privacy, security, and product certifications.

Trust center

Discover how Palo Alto Networks capabilities map to and fulfill NIST Cybersecurity Framework subcategories.

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