Prevent successful cyberattacks and safely modernize operational technology

Secure your infrastructure across IT and OT networks

Industrial enterprises worldwide count on Palo Alto Networks® to prevent successful cyberattacks, safely modernize IT and OT networks, and exceed compliance requirements, even in harsh environments.


Enable high uptime and safety

As you transition ICS/SCADA infrastructure to Industry 4.0, the industrial IoT and other frameworks, you need security that stops cyberattackers from infiltrating your network, disrupting critical services, destroying industrial assets or threatening the safety of the environment.

Palo Alto Networks prevents successful cyberattacks across IT and OT infrastructure. Our Security Operating Platform allows you to safely modernize and integrate your ICS/SCADA infrastructure and exceed security-related compliance requirements.

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Security Reference Blueprint for ICS

Using this blueprint enables IT and OT professionals to maintain or improve facility operations while maintaining the availability of the plant network and protecting plant processes.


Prevent cyberattacks from impacting safety and uptime

Halt OT-specific exploits and malware

Prevent sophisticated malware, such as remote access Trojans and ransomware, using tightly integrated network and endpoint security technologies.

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Expand protection for all devices

Protect unpatched and unpatchable devices, even in air-gapped environments, from OT-specific threats.

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Automatically identify and prevent threats

Leverage automation to quickly analyze and stop new threats to the network, endpoint or cloud.

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Safely modernize and integrate OT networks

See the risks more clearly

Gain better insight into OT network usage and risks with granular visibility and correlated logging of industrial protocols, applications, users, content and threats.

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Dramatically reduce attack paths

Contain attacks with granular network segmentation and access controls based on Zero Trust, the principle of least privilege and role-based access.

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Secure a wider range of environments

Lay a cybersecurity foundation for tomorrow’s cloud-connected business networks, harsh environments, and mobile/IIoT domains.

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Reduce the cost of security operations

Around the world, industrial companies are extending infrastructure lifecycles, fine-tuning control system operating parameters, improving network resource utilization and incident response, and reducing operational overhead while harmonizing IT-OT security approaches.

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Reference blueprint white paper: Building management systems

Get a detailed look at the Cybersecurity Reference Blueprint for Building Management/Automation Systems in data centers, smart buildings and other connected facilities.


Meet our ICS/SCADA cybersecurity partners

Palo Alto Networks teams up with other industry leaders in cybersecurity to expand your options and give you access to the latest innovations in all areas of cybersecurity.

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MineMeld is an open-source threat intelligence processing tool that extracts threat indicators from various sources and compiles the indicators into multiple formats.

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