Who We Are

Stopping cyberthreats to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) has become top of mind for many asset owners due to the severe consequences to uptime and safety with cyber incidents. Key ICS security challenges include:

  • Poor to limited visibility into network usage
  • Poorly segmented networks with limited to no threat prevention
  • Preponderance of unpatched systems
  • Increased external interconnectivity with IIoT modernization
  • Rise in the number and sophistication of ICS-specific APTs

What We Do

We deliver a complete security platform that addresses the ICS cybersecurity challenges to help keep uptime and safety high. The core capabilities of our platform lending to this mission include:

  • Unrivaled network traffic visibility via deep packet inspection of ICS protocols and applications as well as user and content threat info.
  • Zero Trust network segmentation with role-based controls that support ICS-specific standards and regulations.
  • Protection of vulnerable automation systems from known and zero-day threats via network AV/IPS, sandboxing and endpoint security.
  • How We Are Different

    • The components of our platform – next-generation firewall, threat intelligence cloud, advanced endpoint protection – collaborate in an integrated and automated fashion to prevent cyberattacks.
    • Unique single-pass, parallel-processing engine (SP3) delivers unrivaled Layer 7 classification performance, native correlation of data, and ease of use/management.
    • Traps advanced endpoint protection protects unpatched systems from zero-day attacks using a novel approach that stops exploit techniques.
    • Threat Intelligence Cloud automates the analysis of threats and sharing of intelligence to the network and endpoints.
    • Advanced API allows for integration and automation with other security and analytics product.

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    CAME Group

    CAME Group (CAME) provides automation systems for residential and industrial entrances, parking lots, and access control points. With 50 branches in 40 countries all networked with its corporate headquarters in Italy, CAME was uniquely challenged to provide a network architecture that ensured both secure network access and secure endpoints. Targeted attacks by malware, such as CryptoLocker, were frequently infiltrating servers and PCs, disrupting productivity and creating unpredictable remediation costs. Traditional antivirus software was ineffective in stopping such attacks. By deploying the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform with Next-Generation Firewalls, Threat Intelligence Cloud services, and Advanced Endpoint Protection, CAME successfully prevents cyberthreats from infiltrating endpoint devices and its network. Through consolidation, CAME is saving $2.5 million over three years, with an additional $250,000 in savings by eliminating remediation costs on endpoint devices. Moreover, the company now has uniform security policies enterprise-wide, with increased visibility and control over network traffic for improved bandwidth and application performance.

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    Next-Generation Security Platform for Critical Infrastructure

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    SCADA and Industrial Control Systems Industry Solution Brief

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