We serve federal/national governments across military, civilian, and intelligence sectors. With our prevention-focused security, we enable greater interaction with your citizens, meet the demands of your Cabinet members, Ministers and other leaders, improve the security of critical government projects and data, and help you deliver swift support to the warfighter, all while:

  • Preventing advanced threats at every step of the cyber attack life cycle
  • Protecting sensitive government information at all classification levels
  • Protecting the integrity of mission critical systems and communications
  • Protecting access to applications and data by countries and allies, agencies, forces, departments, Shared Services, and projects
  • Protecting citizen PII and financial records
  • Virtually segmenting the network by contractor, employee, and citizen needs
  • Enabling compliance to stringent performance and regulatory requirements
  • Providing real-time support to the warfighter and ongoing military exercises



  • Platform approach to ensure defense-in-depth, with better visibility and correlation across security capabilities
  • Reduce time to threat prevention, including against advanced attacks
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Reliability and scalability for sensitive environments
  • Greater visibility and continuous monitoring of your environment – including third party providers
  • Audit pain relief with improved threat intelligence and security indicators of compromise (IOC) correlation

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    Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

    The U.S. Government’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program “support(s) … government-wide and agency-specific efforts to provide adequate, risk-based, and cost-effective cybersecurity.” The CDM program is designed to roll out in three phases. This white paper describes how the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, in combination with select technology and delivery partners, supports all three CDM phases and enables agencies to achieve the security objectives of the program.

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    How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

    This paper highlights an innovative security approach that eliminates the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches, while enabling organizations to achieve consistent and frictionless cloud protections for multi-cloud environments.

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    Operation Lotus Blossom

    Operation Lotus Blossom describes a persistent cyber espionage campaign against government and military organizations in Southeast Asia. The report exposes the targets, tools, and attack techniques, and provides full details on the Lotus Blossom campaign, including all indicators of compromise. Unit 42 discovered these attacks using the Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus platform, which enables analysts to correlate the results of the hundreds of millions of reports generated by WildFire.

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    Cyber Range

    To keep network and security professionals’ security acumen fresh, Palo Alto Networks and Cyber Test Systems present a professional mobile Cyber Range suite.

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    Moving Beyond Proxies

    This whitepaper highlights the short comings of proxies, and showcases how a next generation security platform can provide faster, simpler and more comprehensive security.

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    US Government

    As one of the largest, this U.S. Agency serves over 400,000 users with a large external user base, numerous outlying facilities globally and operates on a budget of over $100 billion. Originally looking to refresh their URL filtering, they quickly discovered much more security for their dollar, and ultimately scaled with our firewall and IPS/IDS solution. This Case Study available in Japanese and German.

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