We serve provincial, state and local governments worldwide. Our prevention-focused security enables greater interaction with your citizens, secures services for first responders, transportation and other real-time operational networks, and supports Smart Government initiatives and more by:

  • Preventing advanced threats at every step of the cyberattack lifecycle
  • Ensuring the integrity of citizen services
  • Protecting citizen, student, patient, employee, and contractor PII and financial records
  • Protecting sensitive government information by department and use
  • Providing appropriate access to critical government data and services for contractors, vendors and citizens
  • Enabling compliance to stringent performance and regulatory requirements


  • Protect networks, users, and data by automatically detecting, analyzing and preventing known and zero-day threats
  • Create Zero Trust network segments and allow access for approved applications and users, rather than ports and IP addresses 
  • Coordinate security policies, contextual threat analysis and automate updates across networks and endpoints 
  • Protect critical and essential ICS and SCADA infrastructure
  • Secure devices as they travel inside and outside the firewall
  • Safely enable cloud use and SaaS applications

  • Reduce cyber risk through cohesive and correlated security across cloud, network, devices and content
  • Provide better visibility and control of applications, users and content
  • Reduce time to threat prevention, including against advanced attacks
  • Reduce operations cost and complexity
  • Meet reliability and scalability needs for sensitive environments
  • Greater visibility and continuous monitoring of your environment – including third party providers
  • Simplify audits with threat and incident correlation

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    Regio IT

    IT service provider regio iT is a partner for city and district municipal authorities. With branches in Aachen and Gütersloh, regio iT helps around 320 customers and 20,500 clients from the municipal field meet challenges brought on by rapid development in the IT world and increasing cost pressures. regio iT’s current 340 employees take on the tasks of operating and supporting database and server systems as well as entire IT infrastructures for energy suppliers, waste disposal companies, schools, and non-profit organizations, and of managing the data of citizens within the region. Available in German.

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    Cyber Range

    To keep network and security professionals’ security acumen fresh, Palo Alto Networks and Cyber Test Systems present a professional mobile Cyber Range suite.

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    GSA and CMAS Government Contracts

    Information about the Palo Alto Networks products and services available on GSA CMAS contracts.

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    Government Endpoint Use Case

    Read how government endpoints can be protected against today’s threat environment with minimal disruptions to operations while meeting the needs of end users.

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    State of Colorado

    Colorado faces over 8MIL cyberthreats daily. Read how they've gained visibility and control with intelligent and automated prevention.

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    Use Case: Secure the Network through Application Visibility

    Reduce enterprise cybersecurity risk to business-critical applications and sensitive data with enterprise-wide application visibility, enforcement and whitelisting.

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