The culture

At Palo Alto Networks we believe that trust is civilization’s most important asset. That’s why our mission of preventing cyberattacks is so critical. Our commitment has lead to success through a hard work, a culture of innovation, open communication, minimal hierarchy, grooming and rewarding top talent, and an unwavering respect for diversity.

Our commitment to customer-first decision-making allows us to empower people at all levels to make decisions. The first and last question is always, “what will the customer get out of this?” And though that might seem simplistic, that question is the source of all our success. We disrupted an industry, not from building on someone else’s model, but by thinking differently, while keeping the customer at the center of all our decisions.

“Our commitment to customer-first decision-making allows us to empower people at all levels to make decisions”

We work hard to keep our culture one where good ideas can be implemented quickly. In a world of relentless change and evolution, our culture is our true competitive advantage.


VALUES at Palo Alto Networks


Who we are is important.

Each individual


Has a commitment to high quality

Is innovative; a risk-taker

Has a desire to win and a sense of urgency




How we accomplish our mission is important. Collectively, we


Respect each team member, and are honest with ourselves and others

Own our areas, and are empowered to succeed

Have integrity and rely on our colleagues


What we accomplish is important. Accordingly


We are results-driven and customer-focused

Individual and company goals are aligned

We solve real customer problems in innovative ways


What it’s like to work at Palo Alto Networks

A Compelling Mission


It’s not every day that people go to work inspired by the fact they’re making a difference in the world. We have an amazing mission: protecting our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks.

Health and Wellness


Our benefit programs offer a wide spectrum of services to support employee and family health and wellness. Our holidays and time off programs support the need for employees to rest and recharge and spend time with their families or loved ones.

Career Development


We work hard at Palo Alto Networks. This leads to unique opportunities to learn and grow from new experiences in our careers as we work side-by-side with industry, government and global leaders in the forefront of cybersecurity. We routinely have the privilege of tackling new and emerging challenges as we work collaboratively across teams, organizations and international boundaries to keep the world safe. In the process, we grow, build our skillsets and our careers.

One of the many ways in which Palo Alto Networks invests in its employees is by providing on-the-job opportunities for professional development. These include career planning workshops, project management skill building and other on-site programs.

Work-life Experience & Community Engagement


We actively support community services and volunteer outreach by contributing time and money to programs and worthy causes that are important to our employees, such as the annual US charitable match and others. At Palo Alto Networks, we support our people and their interests outside of work to help them grow both professionally and personally. For more on our communities and charitable works, click here.