Meebo Repeater: An Evasive Extension to an Already Evasive App

Aug 20, 2007
1 minutes

ALERT – If you are trying to control IM use and haven't heard of Meebo, it is very likely your users have. Meebo's purpose in life is to allow people to continue using IM even at companies that have a policy to block it. It is a web-based multi-protocol IM client that is accessed via HTTP or HTTPS. During early adoption, just being web-based was enough to get out of most networks. However, as administrators started blocking access to Meebo's web servers, Meebo launched the Meebo Repeater – a repackaged proxy that is designed to get around Meebo deny rules. App Update 26 adds support for Meebo Repeater, allowing you to detect its use and control it if so desired.

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