uTorrent Becomes the Official BitTorrent Client

Aug 12, 2007
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ALERT - uTorrent, an extremely popular BitTorrent client, has been re-branded and released as the official mainline BitTorrent client, appropriately named BitTorrrent 6.0.

BitTorrent, Inc. acquired uTorrent in December 2006 and gained nearly 50% of all BitTorrent users in the process. The original uTorrent standalone client will continue to exist, but will not include BitTorrent DNA (Delivery Network Acceleration) for improved content download. Corporate administrators should understand that both uTorrent and BitTorrent clients can evade existing network security infrastructure and consume large amounts of bandwidth. Implementing appropriate methods for identifying and controlling these types of applications are extremely important.

Click here to view the Torrent Freak article.

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