Partner-to-Partner: Delivering Managed Services Without Overhead Cost

Due to staffing shortages, skill gaps and compliance concerns, more customers are moving to a managed services model to achieve their business needs. To meet this changing model, more partners are looking to deliver managed outcomes to their customers. However, creating a managed service practice can be a costly investment for partners. Partners need to ensure they have the right systems, processes and technology in place to create and scale their Security Operations Center (SOC). Additionally, many partners choose to invest in SOC2 certification to demonstrate to their customers that they have made the appropriate investments to minimize digital risk from third-party threat actors.

Our partners have told us the level of investment required to develop and deliver managed services can be a barrier. We recognize managed services as a massive opportunity. Our Partner-to-Partner Managed Security Services (P2P MSSP) Initiative was created to allow NextWave Solution Provider partners to quickly and cost-effectively engage, align and resell an authorized P2P MSSP’s managed service offerings, rather than developing their own in-house. This new route to market will allow our Solution Provider partners to improve their services:

  • Expand Engagement: Managed service offerings align with a business outcome and typically allow our partners to engage cross-functionally at an executive level with their clients.
  • Increase Profitability: Service-based outcomes can be sold at a premium because they provide customers with additional value and a higher return on investment.
  • Engage New Clients: As the technology landscape shifts, our P2P MSSP Initiative allows our partners to engage with new clients who require managed outcomes.

We are excited to kick off the P2P MSSP Initiative in North America with ON2IT, Critical Start and SecureDynamics. Between these three authorized P2P MSSP partners, our NextWave Solution Provider partners have access to managed service offerings across our entire product portfolio.

"For 15 years, Palo Alto Networks and ON2IT have partnered to deliver innovative managed cybersecurity services to clients around the world with unparalleled success. The new Partner-to-Partner (P2P MSSP) Initiative allows ON2IT to team up with the Palo Alto [Networks] global partner community to deliver the protective power of Zero Trust Managed Security Services across the entire portfolio: Strata, Prisma, and Cortex. We are committed to Palo Alto Networks, excited to serve their channel partners and convinced this initiative will strengthen client value and accelerate growth for all.”
– Kristie Bell, CEO, ON2IT Inc.

NextWave Partner Engagement

NextWave Solution Providers can learn more about P2P MSSPs and their managed service offerings on our Partner Portal.

Here are some of the resources available to you:

  • Engage: Deal registration is available to NextWave Solution Provider partners for their P2P MSSP opportunities.
  • Enable: Partners can learn more about available P2P MSSP managed service offerings. Log on to Beacon to learn more.
  • Empower: Partners can learn more about how to evangelize, quote and engage a P2P MSSP to seamlessly support their customers.

Questions About the P2P MSSP Initiative?

Contact us at to learn more and begin your journey working with authorized P2P MSSP partners.