Zero Trust Solution Brief

Jul 18, 2012
2 minutes

During the recent Data Center summit, two of the most common questions were how to get more information on the Forrester Research Zero Trust architecture and how to implement a Zero Trust network architecture with Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls.

For those of you who have not heard of the Zero Trust network architecture, it is a new security framework advocated by Forrester Principal Analyst John Kindervag placing security at the core of the network and building all other network elements around it. This security-centric approach advocates a number of principles to design a secure and flexible network:

  1. Ensure that all resources are accessed securely regardless of location
  2. Adopt a least-privilege strategy and strictly enforce access control
  3. Inspect and log all traffic

The heart of the architecture is a network segmentation gateway that provides high-performance capabilities to inspect all traffic, enforce access control and protect against all threats. It incorporates security functions like firewalling, IPS, VPN gateway and more…If this network segmentation gateway sounds a lot like a next-generation firewall, it’s because it is. Only a next-generation firewall can deliver all these security functions without impacting performance.

We're pleased to provide a Zero Trust Solution Brief that walks through how the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls can serve as the Zero Trust network segmentation gateway. In collaboration with Forrester Research, for a short period of time, the Zero Trust research reports by John Kindervag that describe this architecture in detail are also available to you!

The Palo Alto Networks Zero Trust Solution Brief and Kindervag’s research reports are all available for download here. Happy reading!

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