Defeating APTs With Live Threat Detection Automation

Apr 24, 2014
2 minutes

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are an increasing challenge for businesses and governments, and we invite you to join the SANS Institute and Palo Alto Networks on Wednesday, April 30 for a webcast examining:

  • Where along the chain of attack can APTs be detected and stopped?
  • How do threats spread if left unchecked and what is the cost to the enterprise?
  • Is your network truly secure?

Register now for "Need to Defeat APTs? Tony Sager Explains Where We're At With Live Threat Detection Automation," Wednesday, April 30, at 3 p.m. EDT, with Tony Sager, SANS Institute, and Scott Simkin, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Group, Palo Alto Networks.

Speaker Tony Sager retired from the National Security Agency in June 2012 after 35 years in the information assurance mission. He had technical assignments as a mathematical cryptographer, software developer and software vulnerability analyst, and as executive manager, Tony led the Systems and Network Attack Center and the Vulnerability Analysis and Operations Group -- two organizations responsible for some of NSA's most important advancements in cyberdefense. Tony concluded his career as Chief Operating Officer of the Information Assurance Directorate. He is currently with SANS Institute leading special projects, including the Top 20 Critical Security Controls.

For more on Palo Alto Networks and combating APTs:

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