"There's So Much Busted and the Bad Guys Are Everywhere."

Apr 16, 2014
1 minutes

As a well-known speaker, author and researcher in IT security, Dan Kaminsky doesn't exactly hold back. Earlier this month at Ignite 2014, Dan urged enterprise security experts to align in a common cause to fight back against cybercriminals. We also brought Dan into our Ignite 2014 video room to hear his take on cybersecurity trends and practical advice for Palo Alto Networks customers and partners to address this unprecedented time in the industry.

Watch below:

Dan's security research spans visibility into global Internet threats, to the practical deployment of private communications, and the potential and danger of cryptocurrency. As Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of White Ops -- which was also at Ignite as an exhibitor in our startup row -- he focuses on Internet-scale detection of unknown malware via JavaScript.

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