Let’s Not Ignore Security in the Internet of Things

Jun 13, 2014
2 minutes

The more we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) the more we have to talk about securing it. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, the IoT will comprise 26 billion devices and will generate incremental revenues of $300 billion, along with some $1.9 trillion in what the researcher describes as “global economic value-add through sales into diverse markets.”

But before we start seeing wireless diapers and connected beer kegs everywhere, there are significant concerns about IoT and security that need to be addressed. Every IoT security headline, whether it’s about hacked baby monitors or compromised insulin pumps, is a reminder that as a community, we’re still weighing the benefits of a hyper-connected lifestyle against potential security risks.

At Palo Alto Networks we’re in constant discussion about how the IoT concept will affect different enterprises and markets, from healthcare to retail, as well as how a next-generation enterprise security platform is crucial to securing so much connectivity. Here are a few recent examples of our global colleagues sharing IoT insights:

  • Sharat Sinha talked with MIS Asia about the challenges of securing so many IP-enabled devices
  • Arthur Capella offered IoT security perspective for Brazil’s CanalTech (Portuguese)
  • Gavin Coulthard addressed securing SCADA infrastructure with CommsCritical in Australia
  • Armando Decal shared four best practices for securing IoT devices with TechDay and ZDNet

How is your organization approaching good security for the Internet of Things? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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