March Madness Isn’t Just for Sports Fans

Mar 18, 2015
2 minutes

It happens every year: Millions across the country watch the NCAA Basketball tournament, fill out brackets, get into heated discussions. “March Madness” certainly earns its name!

Cyber criminals recognize this mass interest and, just like with other major popular events, attempt to lure fans into watering hole sites and exploits, aimed at gaining trusted entry into corporate networks. With so many major sports tournaments now streamed online, the surge in network traffic makes security administrators understandably nervous. In addition, this increased online traffic results in increased bandwidth use due to excessive video streaming, and decreased employee productivity.

We have always offered the right level of protection against these issues and threats by enabling you to implement QoS controls and safely browse the web without worrying about which sites or applications are legitimate. Let us do the worrying for you.

As in prior years, Palo Alto Networks has developed and published our list of March Madness custom App-ID signatures to keep our clients secure during this time of increased cyber crime activity. These new App-IDs are available at no charge to Palo Alto Networks customers as XML files. Keep in mind that these custom signatures are just an example of the types of things that users can develop for any application based on protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, IMAP, SMTP, RTSP, and Telnet.

Follow this link to access the list of custom App-ID signatures and implement them in your Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Security Platform. Most of all: enjoy the hoops!


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