New “Don’t Panic” Podcast: Unit 42 Talks Password Security

Aug 27, 2015
1 minutes

unit 42 podcastThe newest episode of the “Don’t Panic” Unit 42 Podcast is now available. Hosted by Ryan Olson, Unit 42 Intelligence Director, this monthly podcast dives into recent findings from the Palo Alto Networks research team, and discusses current breaches, security trends and the latest additions to the Cybersecurity Canon.

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Vishaal Hariprasad and Rob Downs to address common security mistakes in creating and storing passwords, and to discuss the tools and technologies available to increase password security.

Listen in to hear:

  • The potential weaknesses of password hashing and the risk of rainbow table attacks.
  • The pros and cons of password managers.
  • A discussion of Parmy Olson's We Are Anonymous and its depiction of attacks using stolen passwords and social engineering.

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