Webinar: Turn the Tables on Adversaries with Proactive Defense

Oct 23, 2015
1 minutes

The Palo Alto Networks Application Usage and Threat Report gives you visibility into the real-world threat and application landscape, helps you better understand how adversaries are attempting to attack organizations around the world, and teaches you how to use that intelligence to build proactive, actionable controls to protect against cyberthreats.

Built by our Unit 42 threat research team, this report correlates data from more than 7,000 enterprise organizations and provides broad visibility into critical trends.

Want to learn more about this year’s AUTR results? Join us for a live webinar, where the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team will examine the latest security trends, including:

  • Trends across application usage and the threat landscape, including regional and industry-specific variances
  • Ways to reduce the attack surface available to an adversary
  • Potential effects of non-standard network activity
  • Reuse of legacy attack tactics
  • Benefits of open threat intelligence sharing

Turn the Tables on Adversaries with Proactive Defense
Scott Simkin & Bryan Lee
October 29 at 1:00 p.m. CT
Register here.

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