Learn All About CryptoWall 3 and the Cyber Threat Alliance

Nov 06, 2015
1 minutes
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Recent research from the Cyber Threat Alliance yielded a breakthrough in analyzing CryptoWall, a worldwide cybersecurity threat that has caused an estimated $325 million in damages worldwide. Join us for a new webinar to learn more about the motivations and tactics of malicious actors behind CryptoWall, and also understand why the Cyber Threat Alliance is leading the way when it comes to peer information sharing and actionable threat intelligence.

Join us on Tuesday, December 1 for "Lucrative Ransomware Attacks: Analysis of the Cryptowall Version 3 Threat." The research team behind the Cyber Threat Alliance report will walk through:

  • The full anatomy of the CryptoWall 3 attack lifecycle, propagation vectors, malware analysis, and campaign infrastructure.
  • Global impact of this lucrative and broad-reaching crimeware campaign.
  • Recommended protections and mitigation actions, including all Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

The Cyber Threat Alliance was co-founded by Fortinet, Intel Security, Palo Alto Networks and Symantec to share threat intelligence on advanced cyber attacks and to enhance protections from these damaging attacks. Read more about the mission of the CTA and why this is so important to the Palo Alto Networks community in Rick Howard's recent blog post.

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