CIO, CISO and CTO: The Next-Generation of IT Leadership

Dec 14, 2015
1 minutes

I am very excited that Naveen Zutshi joined us today as our CIO. A few weeks ago we hired Lucas Moody as our first-ever CISO. The three of us will closely work together on pushing the IT envelope at Palo Alto Networks and expanding our security architecture in a way that not only will benefit us, but also very much benefit our customers.

Today, the relationship between the CTO, the CIO, and the CISO is evolving to one that is highly complementary. As organizations are moving to a prevention-first security architecture, it is imperative that technology, people, processes, operations, and policy are streamlined such that the outcomes become highly predictable and automated. Having Naveen and Lucas join the company is a natural step in our evolution. As more of our own infrastructure is moving into the cloud, and more of the services we provide to our customers are moving there too, we need to demonstrate leadership in how we address that challenge.

I’m also very excited to go on the road with Naveen and Lucas to share our experiences as best practices with our customers.

Welcome Naveen!


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