LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF): First Set of Winners Announced

Aug 04, 2016
2 minutes

Unit 42 CTF 1

We’ve had more than 4,000 threat researchers join us for LabyREnth, the first Unit 42 Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge, and we still have two more weeks to go before the challenge closes. The community has put forth an amazing effort across the 6 challenge tracks, and we want to recognize the herculean effort of the select few who were first to complete all challenges and individual tracks. It is a testament to their skill, commitment and time, and we hope they enjoy the $16,000 worth of prizes to which they are entitled. We are holding an exclusive gathering to celebrate the winners at DEF CON this week, and we look forward to seeing them in Las Vegas!

For those of you who didn’t win the grand prizes, LabyREnth is open until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on August 14, 2016. It’s a great way to try your hand at challenges, have fun, win prizes, and learn something new.

Please join us in congratulating the initial winners:

Overall winners:

  • 1st to solve all challenges: KT (@koczkatamas) and also 1st to solve the Random track
  • 2nd to solve all challenges: F4b (@0xf4b)
  • 3rd to solve all challenges: Dan Raygoza (@danielvx)

Track winners:

  • 1st to solve Windows track: Wayrick
  • 1st to solve Unix track: Sine (@73696e65)
  • 1st to solve Docs track: Sin__ (@mztropics)
  • 1st to solve Mobile track: n0n3m4
  • 1st to solve Threat track: Nxgr (@Nxgr_l)

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