LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF) Hints

Aug 11, 2016
2 minutes

Unit 42 CTF 1

The LabyREnth capture the flag challenge is only open for four more days, but you still have a chance to participate. To help you get started, or move on to the next challenge, our threat research team put together a number of (sometimes cryptic) hints. Whether you’ve been stuck on a challenge and want to move on to the next one, or want to jump in during the final stretch, look no further:

Windows 1:

Watch out for those debugging checks, these XORs aren’t too hard…

Windows 4:

Try harder, with a vengeance! … Or a napkin! … Or a brute forcer!

Unix 1:

How many levels deep does it go?!?! I’d say script it, or maybe bash one liner if you’re extra cool…

Unix 2:

The Program only does one thing, HTTP request and print. Figure out how that HTTP request works…

Docs 1:

Use the URL for hints on how to decode part of the URL this naughty macro attempts to download from.  Could be base64 and XOR 😉

Docs 4:

LabyREnth Hints 1

Mobile 1:

That seems like a lot of bytes for a call…what do you think RDX?

Mobile 3:

Decompile -> Find -> Replace -> Profit

Threat 1:

sed -e 's/\&L4bry1nth_.*\?//g'

Threat 2:


Random 1:

Give that environment variable a drink!

Random 3:

Step 1: SYN packet sequence numbers; Step 2: Embedded ZIP; Step 3: Profit!

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