Announcing the Palo Alto Networks App for IBM QRadar

Nov 08, 2016
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Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is now integrated with the widely used IBM QRadar security information and event management (SIEM) dashboard. With the new Palo Alto Networks App for IBM QRadar, users will be able to reduce, prioritize and correlate threats quickly from a single dashboard.

With large distributed networks, visibility is essential for making informed decisions on prioritizing threats, promptly responding, and reducing risk. The Palo Alto Networks app for IBM QRadar includes custom dashboards for threat and WildFire activity. These dashboards provide complete visibility into top threats, users, source IP addresses, and malware filenames – providing insight into trends and enabling rapid response for the most critical threats.

Our platform safely enables applications and prevents known and unknown threats across the network, cloud and endpoints. Known threats are proactively blocked, creating a baseline of defenses, with various components of the platform: Next-Generation Firewall, Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, Traps and Aperture. Any unknown files, emails and links are analyzed by WildFire using static and dynamic analysis techniques. If a file is determined malicious, protections are automatically generated and delivered to stop the threat from spreading.

The app enables an immediate response when WildFire determines that a previously unknown file is malicious. The app can automatically create an offense, show it on the QRadar dashboard, and trigger an automated workflow. This is the kind of rapid and automated response our customers demand and rely on to prevent advanced cyberthreats.

Download the Palo Alto Networks App for QRadar

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