Cloud First, Now What?

Jan 11, 2017
2 minutes

Your executive staff has made a strategic decision to move to the cloud, and your team has the seemingly monumental task of executing on this new direction. The journey to the cloud introduces many unknowns, the least of which is determining the applications and data, including precious customer information, that belong in the cloud. Yet your knowledge is limited, and you have little time to immerse yourself in this vast topic.

Key topics that have been left up to you and your team include: where to start; which applications and data should (or can) be moved to the cloud; what are the risk implications; who can help you make the decision; and, more importantly, how can you make the decision process repeatable.

To help you frame a cloud-first implementation methodology, the Cloud Security Alliance will host the Cloud First, Now What” webinar on January 17th. This webinar, sponsored by Palo Alto Networks, will walk you through the following critical topics:

  • Assembling the cloud team: Moving to the cloud may be an edict from the CEO, but there is a team of players who need to make it happen, from risk, compliance and legal, to IT, security and operations, to dev-ops and the business groups.
  • Picking the first set of applications: Which applications are the first to go? Do you start with easy, low-hanging fruit or move the challenging apps first? Do you “lift and shift,” migrating existing applications, or do you start anew?
  • Determining what data can move: Regulations, contractual obligations, and legacy formats are just a few of the data considerations that need to be considered when implementing a cloud-first methodology.

After the event, you should have all the data necessary to frame your own cloud-first methodology.

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