LightCyber Joins Palo Alto Networks

Feb 28, 2017
2 minutes

Today we announced that LightCyber has joined Palo Alto Networks. LightCyber’s technology will bring award-winning, highly automated and accurate behavioral analytics technology to our Next-Generation Security Platform, enhancing our ability to catch hard-to-find threats like internal reconnaissance and lateral movement inside the network.

What does LightCyber technology do?

Founded by cybersecurity experts in 2012, LightCyber has been leading the industry in the development of automated behavioral analytics capabilities. LightCyber uses sophisticated machine learning to quickly, efficiently and accurately identify attacks, based on identifying behavioral anomalies inside the network. LightCyber’s products have been successfully deployed by top-tier companies in the financial, healthcare, legal, telecom, government, media and technology sectors.

How does LightCyber fit into the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform?

LightCyber enhances our ability to prevent attacks across the attack lifecycle, especially at the internal reconnaissance and lateral movement stages that are often very important to a successful attack. With LightCyber added to our platform, we can further prevent command-and-control activity and data exfiltration by detecting anomalous behavior. Customers will gain unrivaled protection against targeted attacks, insider threats, risky behavior and malware inside the network.

Since our inception, Palo Alto Networks has pioneered new ways of tackling seemingly impossible security challenges, providing unprecedented visibility into user and application traffic as well as exceptional breach prevention capabilities. The LightCyber automated behavioral analytics technology represents another step in our evolution toward delivering a platform at the forefront of the innovation curve.

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