Tech Docs: Protect and Defend Your Network with PAN-OS 8.0


PAN-OS 8.0 is the colossal release you’ve been waiting for! Arm yourself with the latest in threat protection capabilities including the following key features:

New Hardware—Introducing a wide range of powerful new hardware appliances (PA-220, PA-800 Series, and PA-5200 Series) to enable customers to deploy next-generation security in all locations from large datacenters to small branches and remote locations, all managed centrally from Panorama. These new models allow you to secure the increasing amounts of data on the network generated by applications, users and devices.

Credential Phishing Prevention and Policy-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)—To limit an attacker's ability to infiltrate your network, this release give you a powerful anti-phishing technique that works with User-ID to detect when a user is submitting corporate credentials to potentially untrusted sites. And to help you maintain a prevention-oriented mindset, enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at the network layer to protect sensitive resources and defeat an adversary’s ability to move throughout the network. Policy-based MFA adds MFA challenge to protect sensitive resources from an attacker in possession of valid or compromised credentials.

Multi-Method Threat Prevention—You can now leverage new command-and-control (C2) signature technology that automatically generates and delivers more powerful, pattern-based C2 signatures with antivirus updates, and includes new malicious and high-risk IP address feeds with content updates.

Cloud Security­—We’ve expanded the VM-Series model lineup to meet the demands of the growing cloud and virtualization initiatives. Panorama driven workflows for NSX now automate the creation of security groups and NSX traffic steering rules that enable the VM-Series firewall to transparently enforce security policy; the workflow also eases the need for continuous interaction between security and virtualization administrators. Integration with ConfigDrive to dynamically provision VM-Series firewalls on KVM in OpenStack environments, and integration with AWS CloudWatch to publish PAN-OS metrics to monitor the firewall.

Management at Scale—Panorama has a vastly improved querying and reporting engine, improved log collection on the Panorama virtual appliance, and support for ingesting logs from Traps to provide visibility across the network and endpoint. The firewall and Panorama support granular log forwarding and automated actions based on log attributes.

To read more about these and other exciting features in PAN-OS 8.0 see the following resources:

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