My Ignite Security Guardian is the Methodology Monkey. What’s Yours?

May 28, 2017
1 minutes

We’re just two weeks away from Ignite ‘17, the premier security event of the year. If you’re still deciding which of our 130+ breakout sessions to attend, our short quiz can help you figure out which track to focus on.

All of our Ignite Security Guardians are aligned to specific tracks. So, whether you’re a Methodology Monkey or a Defense Lizard, the sooner you find out who your Ignite Security Guardian is, you sooner you’ll have a set agenda for Ignite ‘17.

Are you ready to find out what your Ignite Security Guardian is? Take the quiz.

Register for Ignite ’17 Security Conference
Vancouver, BC June 12–15, 2017

Ignite ’17 Security Conference is a live, four-day conference designed for today’s security professionals. Hear from innovators and experts, gain real-world skills through hands-on sessions and interactive workshops, and find out how breach prevention is changing the security industry. Visit the Ignite website for more information on tracks, workshops and marquee sessions.

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