Channel Scoop: October 5, 2018

Oct 05, 2018
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Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s Channel Scoop.

  • Intent to Acquire RedLock. On October 3, we announced the intent to acquire RedLock, a public cloud security analytics company, which will extend our public cloud security leadership. View the announcement.
  • SLR on Application Framework. Customers can now use the new SLR app built on our Application Framework to identify threats in their organization’s security. Find resources you and your customers can leverage.
  • Self-Service Best Practice Assessment. Beginning in November, customers will be able to generate their own Best Practice Assessment. This as a major opportunity to engage customers in a consultative follow up session to discuss the process for improving their overall deployment. Register for the October 9 and 10 webinars.
  • 6 Principles of Data-driven IT. We need to think about IT just as we would any other part of the business. Palo Alto Networks CIO Naveen Zutshi shares his 6 principles of data-driven IT with Forbes.


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