A Shared Commitment Towards Cloud Security: Expanding Our Partnership with Google Cloud

Dec 10, 2018
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At Palo Alto Networks, we have always believed that more and more security services would be delivered from the cloud. It’s also become clear that to prevent threats, machine learning and artificial intelligence need to become a bigger part of security. Today, we announced steps we’re taking to help build on our original vision through an expanded partnership with Google as we continue to offer customers support across all major public clouds.

This partnership will help us grow our capabilities by closely integrating with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in several important areas, which will enable us to continue providing our customers the most comprehensive enterprise security offerings.

As part of this agreement, we’re going to use GCP to run some of our cloud-delivered services to enhance the worldwide scale and coverage of our cloud offerings.

We will be running the next generation of our security analytics and automation framework, known as the Application Framework, on GCP to take advantage of Google Cloud’s leading AI and analytics services. Additionally, to better serve our customers around the world, we will expand GlobalProtect cloud service to run on GCP. Adding Google Cloud to the delivery of this service will extend our global reach, which is important for protecting branch offices and mobile workforces.

Also announced today, Google is partnering with us to provide new and existing Google Cloud Platform customers with our comprehensive cloud visibility, compliance, and security offering – RedLock – to enable the accelerated adoption of public cloud.

“The continued innovation we deliver with the Google Cloud team provides our joint customers best-in-class security for their GCP environment,” said Varun Badhwar, senior vice president of products and engineering for public cloud security at Palo Alto Networks. “Our security and threat prevention offerings serve to simplify the lives of security operations and compliance teams, while protecting customers from successful cyberattacks.”

Today, we also unveiled new security integrations focused on enhancing security analytics in GCP and automated compliance audits.

GCP’s Security Baseline API provides compliance posture data for GCP infrastructure and its services. RedLock now automates the inclusion of GCP’s Security Baseline API-provided data in its compliance reports. A first-of-its-kind capability not available for any other cloud platform, RedLock security reports will provide a unified view of security and compliance posture across organizations’ applications, data, GCP infrastructure, and GCP native services, including Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Cloud Security Command Center (CSCC), currently in beta, is designed to provide centralized visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, and threats for GCP customers. With our new integrations, customers can push security alerts from the VM-Series, Traps, and RedLock into Google CSCC and gain centralized visibility into all of their security and compliance risks in their Google Cloud environment.

These new integrations enhance existing collaboration efforts around the VM-Series, Traps, and RedLock with GCP and GKE, as well as Aperture for securing G Suite. Organizations invested in Palo Alto Networks on-premises security can extend and maintain consistent security controls across their on-premises, Google Cloud Platform, and G Suite presence. Organizations with a presence in Google Cloud will get easy access to enterprise-class security through unique security capabilities associated with Google Cloud.

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  • Aperture Trial provides Palo Alto Networks customers with data and usage protection for G Suite. Aperture provides complete visibility across all user and data activity, along with detailed analysis, and lets you inspect content for data risk violations and control access to shared data via a contextual policy.

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