Palo Alto Networks Now Offers SOC Services

Feb 13, 2019
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Every second matters when responding to an attack. Today, many security analysts are inundated with imprecise alerts and often waste time pivoting between disconnected point products to gather investigative details. Only specialized experts can navigate the labyrinth required to hunt down attacks. Unless security teams simplify their operations, they will struggle to prevent successful cyberattacks.

Security organizations need to arm their security operations professionals with high-fidelity intelligence, contextual data and automated prevention workflows to quickly identify and respond to fast-evolving threats. They must leverage automation to reduce strain on their analysts and execute the Security Operations Center (SOC) mission to identify, investigate and mitigate threats.

Palo Alto Networks has developed a set of SOC services to help customers do just that. Benefits include:

  • Simplified operations to drive efficiencies and stabilize staffing with consistent execution of the SOC mission.
  • Automatic detection of stealthy attacks across network, endpoint and cloud by leveraging playbooks of attacks seen by Palo Alto Networks customers.
  • Accelerated investigations and improved response times with context at your analysts’ fingertips.

These new SOC services extend the capabilities required by network security organizations and focus on what a SOC needs to efficiently and effectively protect the business. New services include:

Security Operations Assessment Service: A product-agnostic deep-dive analysis of a customer’s security operations to identify gaps in operational capabilities and improve response times.

SOC Integration Service for NGFW and Panorama: Firewall customization to provide proper context around events that analysts need to effectively identify and respond to actual threats.

SOC Integration Service for AutoFocus and MineMeld: Customization of contextual threat intelligence and threat intelligence syndication engine services to arm your security operations professionals with the high-fidelity intelligence, correlation, context, and automated prevention workflows needed to quickly identify and respond to events.


To learn more about the Palo Alto Networks approach to enabling an adaptive SOC, visit


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