A More Secure Everywhere. From Containers to Serverless and Beyond!

Jul 09, 2019
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Today is an exciting day for Palo Alto Networks and its customers as we complete our acquisition of Twistlock. The addition of Twistlock further strengthens our capabilities in cloud security and will help customers accelerate their journey to the cloud with consistent and comprehensive security across public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. This is hot off the heels of our acquisition of PureSec, a leader in protecting serverless applications.

Most modern applications utilize a mix of platform as a service (PaaS), VMs, serverless and other resources offered by cloud service providers. The acquisitions of Twistlock and PureSec further advance Prisma leadership in cloud security by providing customers with a comprehensive set of security protections across the entire continuum of cloud workloads. 

With Twistlock and PureSec part of the Prisma cloud security suite, customers will benefit from these capabilities: 

  • Twistlock, the leader in container security, brings vulnerability management, compliance and runtime defense for cloud-native applications and workloads. 
  • PureSec empowers enterprises to embrace serverless technologies, such as AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions and IBM Cloud Functions, without compromising on security, visibility and governance. 

Current Twistlock Customers Continue to Reap the Security Benefits 

If you’re a customer of Twistlock's stand-alone offering, you’ll continue to receive the industry’s leading container security capabilities for your company with the same focus on simplicity, innovation and effectiveness. We'll continue to invest in this offering, and the team will remain under the direction of Twistlock co-founder and CEO, Ben Bernstein. Over time, you’ll see more payoff to your investment as we integrate Twistlock into Prisma and provide you the broadest and most consistent security capabilities across public and private clouds.

Prisma: Cloud Security for Today and Tomorrow

Prisma™ by Palo Alto Networks – including best-in-class capabilities from Twistlock and PureSec – is the industry’s most complete cloud security offering for today and tomorrow. It provides unprecedented visibility into data, assets and risks in the cloud; consistently secures access, data and applications without compromises; enables speed and agility as organizations embrace the cloud; and reduces operational complexity and cost with a radically simple architecture.

Regardless of how your business is taking advantage of the cloud, Prisma secures your end-to-end cloud journey:

  • Secure Access: Take advantage of secure access to the cloud from branch offices and for mobile users in any part of the world without compromising the user experience.
  • Secure SaaS: Bring together data protection, governance and compliance to safely enable SaaS application adoption.
  • Secure Public Cloud: Get continuous security monitoring, compliance validation and cloud storage security capabilities across multi-cloud environments. Plus, simplify security operations through effective threat protections enhanced with comprehensive cloud context.
  • VM-Series Virtualized Next-Generation Firewall: Embedding the VM-Series in your application development life cycle to complement native security services can prevent data loss and business disruption, allowing your public cloud migration to accelerate.

A More Secure Everywhere 

We’re excited to add Twistlock’s and PureSec’s technologies to our cloud security suite and welcome two exceptional teams that bring additional cloud expertise to Palo Alto Networks. 

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