Twistlock Is Now Prisma Cloud Compute Edition

Nov 26, 2019
4 minutes

By John Morello, VP of Product, and Keith Mokris, Technical Marketing

Twistlock is proud to announce our first major release as part of Palo Alto Networks and our 18th overall. This release is focused on two things: integration with Prisma Cloud, including a new SaaS deployment option, and integrating PureSec capabilities into serverless Defender. Reflecting the depth of this integration and those to come, Twistlock is also being rebranded to part of the Prisma Cloud family. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce we are bringing all of these capabilities under one name, Prisma Cloud, the most complete Cloud Native Security Platform.

The usual fun facts from GitHub: we’ve worked on more than 10,900 issues, pushed more than 8,200 commits, built Twistlock more than 1,300 times and shipped over 400 customer-requested features over more than four years! 


Twistlock Is Now Integrated with Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud provides security for workloads, infrastructure, hosts, apps and data. As organizations implement these best-in-class security capabilities from Palo Alto Networks to secure their cloud configurations and services, they now have an integrated solution featuring cloud security posture management and cloud workload protection as part of Prisma Cloud. We’ve previously talked about how we’re entering the Age of the Cloud Native Security Platform, and this release is another step in making that vision a reality. With Prisma Cloud, you now have a single platform that protects both the service plane and the compute plane, across all the clouds you run on, and throughout the whole software development lifecycle.

Screenshot of Prisma Cloud, by Palo Alto Networks


All of the features from Twistlock are available in the Prisma Cloud dashboard within the Compute tab, highlighted in the above screenshot. In future releases, we’ll deepen this integration with more native asset inventory data, unified alerting and risk analytics, traversing both compute and service planes. We’re already working on our first release of 2020, which will add dozens of new features and enhancements to the core functionality, covering areas like continuous integration (CI)/continuous delivery (CD) policy, Trusted Images, Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Cloud Native Network Firewall.


Strengthening Serverless Security Capabilities: PureSec Integration

With the increased adoption of serverless architectures for building enterprise applications, serverless security is a critical requirement for application development teams. The PureSec team built end-to-end application security features for serverless architectures. Over the past few months, the Twistlock and PureSec teams have been working hard to integrate PureSec features into the serverless Defender and provide users with the most robust serverless security in the market. This release provides users with a single platform and agent to secure their serverless functions with new capabilities including:

  • Cloud Native Application Firewall for serverless.
  • Filesystem runtime defense.
  • Expanded runtime support to Java and .Net.
  • Enhanced scanning and detection of high-risk function roles.
  • Enhanced vulnerability management and compliance for AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions.


Deployment Options and Editions

One of our key requirements as we integrated with Prisma Cloud was to ensure pervasive cloud native security across all public cloud environments including AWS and Microsoft Azure. At the same time, customers continue to have the flexibility to run the product themselves, in their own data centers, including air-gapped environments. In fact, our SaaS is running literally the exact same image that you as a customer can download and run in your own environment. To differentiate these options, there are now two editions you can choose from:

Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition is a full Cloud Native Security Platform, where host, container and serverless capabilities are delivered via SaaS along with the cloud security posture management capabilities Prisma Cloud is well known for. Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive platform for protecting both the service plane and the compute plane and can protect hosts, containers and serverless running in any cloud, including on-premises.

Prisma Cloud Compute Edition is the downloadable, self-hosted software that you deploy and operate on your own, so that you can maintain full custody of your data. This is effectively the same experience you’re familiar with from all our previous releases. Compute Edition can protect hosts, containers and serverless running in any cloud – including on-premises and even fully air-gapped environments.

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