Announcing New QuickStart Services for Strata

When you need it done fast, and you need it done right.

We are delighted to announce the availability of our new portfolio of QuickStart Services for our industry-leading Next-Generation Firewalls and subscription services. To quickly increase your capabilities and expedite the time to value for your investment, Palo Alto Networks now offers QuickStart Services for StrataTM to help you plan and execute your firewall-as-a-platform implementation. We match these services with your technology capabilities to provide right-sized solutions to meet your business needs. The outcome is a well-planned and accelerated deployment of Strata technology, adhering to best practices, to provide maximum security for your enterprise.


The Time Is Now

We see organizations rushing to stand up new technologies to enable their remote workforces and secure their environments. Often, they lack the available resources or in-house expertise to do this quickly while adhering to best practices. This is where we can help! Our new service offerings will:

  • Accelerate your implementation and capability adoption with proper design and prioritized feature adoption.
  • Minimize deployment-related risk through expert planning and quality execution from our consultants and certified partners, leveraging proven methodologies and best practices.
  • Provide confidence in the deployment process and extend maximum day-one protection.

Delivered Remotely

Palo Alto Networks has achieved certification for Rated Outstanding Assisted Support for five consecutive years from the J.D. Power Certified Assisted Technical Support Program. The image shows the five years from 2015-19, as well as the logos for J.D. Power and the Technology Services Industry Association, which jointly developed the certification. Our award-winning services organization has designed each of these services to be delivered remotely with easy-to-understand outcomes. Your organization will know exactly what to expect, from Next-Generation Firewall implementation to SD-WAN deployment. We also provide QuickStart Services to set up subscriptions like URL Filtering and Threat Prevention or get you started with capabilities like App-ID™ technology or SSL Decryption. Each service includes project management to free up your team to perform other urgent tasks for your business.

At Palo Alto Networks we are committed to helping you secure your business. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your security investments, quickly and confidently.

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