Boost Your Career: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Oct 02, 2020
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Strengthen your security posture by enabling your team through world-class virtual Instructor-Led Training with Palo Alto Networks.

We’ve all had to adjust our schedules in the wake of COVID-19 as working remotely changes our daily rhythms – but we don’t have to compromise our security posture. Growing your cybersecurity skills can be the first line of defence in securing your enterprise. Virtual Instructor Led Training (ILT) is one of the best ways to enable your team.

While at home, you can still grow your skills and boost your career with virtual ILT courses. We offer a broad curriculum that is remotely accessible and delivered virtually, publicly or privately, via a global network of instructors (our Authorized Training Partners). These trainings go far beyond traditional e-learning, with opportunities to ask questions, walk through hands-on labs in virtual environments and leverage best practice and methodologies. 


The Value of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual ILT is designed to help you strengthen your cybersecurity skill set, confidently deploy Palo Alto Networks products and realize value in record time. We have recently added a number of new courses, such as our new three-day instructor-led Cortex XDR title, all of which provide new areas for you to grow your skills. 

To develop each ILT, we work with our subject-matter experts to create a world-class curriculum. This curriculum is delivered in realtime to one or more learners by an authorized instructor. The curriculum is most commonly delivered online through web conference applications but can also take place in a traditional physical classroom or via a private training event. ILT can even be delivered in a hybrid model whereby the instructor simultaneously teaches in a classroom while also presenting the same content online.

The presence of an instructor who has in-depth knowledge of the curriculum and can guide the class at the right pace and answer questions along the way adds important value to the learning experience. The immersive and guided hands-on lab activities and peer interactions help promote better understanding of the materials. The peer group created via the virtual classroom provides a great opportunity for building a network of cybersecurity peers, something that is difficult to find during this time when many are isolated at home. Our Digital Learning offerings are an additional resource available to everyone and can be taken in advance of an ILT course as preparation, or to follow an ILT course to refresh skills. 


Training Credits for Instructor-Led Training

Palo Alto Networks also recently announced Training Credits. These are a new offering, enabling a single point of purchase for an organization for all training. Training can then be used by employees throughout the year as needed. Training credits are redeemable by all employees within an organization for any Palo Alto Networks open enrollment, private on-site or public online course offered by our Authorized Training Partners (ATPs), as well as certification exams.


Explore Virtual Instructor-Led Training at Ignite 2020

At our annual Ignite Security Conference 2020, which is all virtual this year, we will provide a taste of our ILT curriculum, certification workshops and other free learning offerings. This year, during our Ignite event, we will be offering registered attendees the opportunity to take free virtual education classes across our product portfolio, presented by some of our most experienced ILT instructors. Each three-hour “Deep Dive Product Training” will be a fantastic opportunity to enable your team, learn new insights and best practices, and get the most from your Palo Alto Networks deployment. Sign up for Ignite today!

This post is part of an ongoing series highlighting the cybersecurity learning resources offered by Palo Alto Networks.

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